We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Integrations: Google Workspace

The integration of inspace with Google Workspace offers a significant advantage to users

Video Google Workspace + inspace Integration

The integration of inspace with Google Workspace brings a multitude of benefits to users, offering seamless access and synchronization of calendars. With this integration, users can streamline their workflow, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications or platforms.

Why Integrate inspace with Google Workspace?

  1. Easier Calendar Management: Connect your Google Calendar with inspace to effortlessly manage your schedule and stay organized, all within a single interface.
  2. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: By synchronizing your calendars, you can avoid double bookings, schedule conflicts, and easily coordinate meetings and events.
  3. Simplified Collaboration: Collaborate more effectively by seamlessly sharing calendar availability with colleagues, making it easier to find mutually convenient meeting times.
This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect Google Workspace with inspace, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration. We recommend obtaining full permissions from Google Workspace, particularly the "owner" role, to maximize the benefits of this integration. Let's get started on optimizing your calendar management experience!

From this guide, you will learn about:

  • Selecting owner role in the Google Admin Console
  • Using Calendar Resources
  • Synchronization of workspaces in inspace with Google Calendar

Granting Permissions for Google Workspace Integration

When integrating Google Workspace with inspace, it's crucial to ensure that the user has the necessary permissions to add events to the Google Calendar seamlessly. To optimize this integration, we recommend selecting a user with the owner role in the Google Admin Console, rather than a Super Admin.

By assigning the owner role to the designated user, you can guarantee that they possess all the required authorizations to fully utilize the Google Workspace integration with inspace. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience, allowing for seamless event management and synchronization between platforms.

Let's dive into the process of granting permissions and maximizing the potential of your Google Workspace integration with inspace!
Screen showing how to access the roles and privileges settings in the Google Admin Console

Picture 1. Roles and privileges in the Google Admin Console

To integrate with Google Workspace, inspace connects to a Calendar Resource. A Calendar Resource is a special calendar type for shared resources like rooms or equipment (please see Picture 2).
Inforgraphic depicting the integration logic between the inspace hybrid workplace platform and Google Workspace

Picture 2. Integration logic between inspace and Google Workspace

Google Workspace Integration Step-By-Step

  1. Log in to inspace with admin credentials.

2. In the left navigation panel, select Settings, and then select Integrations. Under “Google Workspace”, select CONNECT. Please see Picture 3.
Screen showing how to connect Google Workspace with inspace

Picture 3. Google Workspace integration in inspace

3. Choose the user with the owner’s permission in Google Workspace.
Screen showing how to choose the Google workspace owner account

Picture 4. Choose the Google Workspace owner account

4. In the pop-up window, under “Select what inspace can access”, select all checkboxes to enable inspace to view and edit calendars. If all the checkboxes are marked, select Continue.
Screen showing how to make selections for what the inspace platform can access on Google Workspace

Picture 5. Selecting what inspace can access

5. Calendar resources appear in inspace (please see picture 6). Ensure they are the same resources you can see in the Google Admin Console (please see picture 7).
Screen showing how to set Google Workspace calendar resources in inspace

Picture 6. Calendar resources in inspace

Screen showing how to set inspace connected calendar resources in the Google Admin Console

Picture 7. Resources in the Google Admin Console

Note: If any toggle switch next to the calendar name, such as NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, or BOSTON (please see picture 6), is turned off, then the events from that Google Calendar won’t be displayed in inspace. Please turn on all toggle switches before moving to the next step.

6. Assign calendars to workspaces for synchronization. In inspace, go to Settings> Space Settings, then select the workspace you want to assign. (please see picture 8).
Screen showing how to select the workspace in inspace for Google Workspace synchronization

Picture 8. Selecting the workspace for synchronization

In the pop-up, enter the calendar to synchronize, and select Done (please see picture 9).
Screen showing how to enter the Google Workspace calendar in the space settings in inspace

Picture 9. Entering the calendar for synchronization

Important: Calendars MUST BE synchronized with workspaces. If not, the event created in Google Calendar will not be displayed as a booking for the workspace in inspace.

7. Test to be sure the integration is communicating successfully.

a. Any booking made in inspace for the workplace should appear in the spaces Google Calendar. (please see picture 10).
b. Any booking made in the workspaces Google Calendar should appear as a booking in inspace.
Screen showing the synchronized event details in the space resource Google Calendar and in inspace

Picture 10. Synchronized event in Google Calendar

Support and Troubleshooting

The support team is available to help users with any questions or issues they may have, from troubleshooting technical problems to offering guidance on how to use inspace’s features. In order to get the most effective and efficient support, it is recommended that users provide as much information as possible about the issue they are experiencing, including any error messages or other details. Contact support in the inspace app, or send an email to support@inspace.app.
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