Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is inspace?
inspace is a enterprise SaaS platform designed to help companies transform their offices into hybrid workspaces while cutting office rental and operating costs by up to 50% and increasing collaboration by 65%.

How protected is the data?
All data on the use of the workstations are collected anonymously by inspace. This means that utilization data for a workspace cannot be assigned to a specific employee at any time. Facility managers and all who use the web portal for analysis only have access to aggregated data.

inspace offers other security features. Employees' smartphones do not have to be connected to the internal IT network, so no critical interfaces are created. Connection and data transmission takes place directly between smartphones and the inspace system, which also ensures maximum reliability.

What technical requirements do companies need to be able to use inspace?
It is easy - just smartphones.

How can employees get the inspace app?
They can easily download it at AppStore or Google Play.

Is the anonymity of employees guaranteed when they use inspace?
Yes, at all times. We focus on learning if the space is being used effectively.