Extended release notes

Version 2.0.9
We're pleased to announce the following improvements and new features in inspace:
1.Inviting guests via creating meetings in Microsoft 365 (Outlook):

For guests, who are invited to meetings via their email addresses but aren’t the company’s employees, inspace creates guest accounts. With these accounts, guests can log in to inspace to easily find the meeting room they need. Previously, the same functionality was available only for Google Meet events.

Inviting guests via creating meetings in Microsoft Outlook is optional and can be customized based on customer needs.
2.Customized Walk-in screen and meeting room display:

The Walk-in Screen is a TV installed on the reception to display the company name, people in the office, and a QR code to connect to Wi-Fi. Before, companies that use inspace experienced difficulties when designing this screen on their own. We’ve implemented the functionality to customize Walk-in Screen using the inspace app.
Walk in Screen
We’ve also enabled inspace admins to customize tablet screens for meeting rooms.
Customizable tablet screens for meeting rooms
A tablet screen displays the meeting room name, the list of bookings for the following day, Wi-Fi credentials (users can scan a QR to connect to Wi-Fi), and helpdesk information (in case of any problems with the equipment, users can scan a QR code to get assistance). Please note that the tablet app for customizing Walk-in and meeting room screens from inspace will be included in the upcoming releases.
3.Improved UX and Navigation:

We have made improvements to the UX on the pages with the Employees and Bookings. The number of displayed people can be customized, and these settings are saved if the page is reloaded. We have also added icons and a button to collapse the menu to the left navigational panel. UX improvements also involve the Calendar.

We’ve added icons and the button to collapse the menu to the left navigational panel.
Menu icons and collapse button
4.Extended analytics:

Now, companies can view and easily analyze the company’s data for all the offices.
5.People tab updates and improved UI of the bookings list:

On the People tab, we’ve implemented new filters for searching people by department and team. We’ve also added the Manage Users button, admins can click on it to navigate to the billing page and manage employees. To provide a better user experience, we’ve updated the UI of the bookings list.
6.Fixed bug:

Previously, when checking in, the employee’s status didn’t change from “Working from home” to “In office”. We’ve fixed this bug of NFC check-in.