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In The News
inspace Delivers Breakthrough Investor Presentation at Emerging Tech Venture Summit
inspace, a leading innovator in workplace technology, recently presented at the prestigious Emerging Tech Venture Summit. This remarkable opportunity highlighted the company's dedication to transforming how businesses operate in an ever-evolving digital landscape, connecting with top investors and strategic partners to accelerate their mission.

inspace was one of only 200 companies across multiple industries to be given this honor.

47 Most Promising Meeting Software Startups with Seed Funding (United States)

Just Funded ranked the top 47 Meeting Software-funded companies in the United States. The companies, startups, and institutions listed in this article are all exceptional companies and are well worth a follow.

They selected the organizations listed in this article based on:
- Track record
- Executive leadership
- Market share
- Innovation
22 Takeaways from the 2022 HR Tech Conference
We came to HR Tech to talk to HR leaders and other technology providers about what workplace freedom means to them. We did not mean freedom from the workplace, but rather freedom to create the workplace that works best for them. We had a lot of conversations, and people shared many great thoughts on what was working and what was not. Those were the moments that made it worth it for us.
How Fostering a More Purposeful Workplace Community Drives Collaboration and Retention
For Elena Beloshapkova, EY’s 2019 Businesswoman of the Year and founder and CEO at inspace, this preference for flexible and hybrid work is an opportunity for companies to retain high-performing talent — but only if companies are willing to put in the work.
How a Physics Graduate Built a Furniture Company in Europe and Launched a Startup to Transform US Offices
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Office Space Demand Below Seasonal Norms, But That’s Okay
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about and use office spaces entirely. As hybrid work becomes the new norm, seasonal trends in office space demand are shifting. Our CEO, Elena Beloshapkova, spoke with and shared her thoughts on emerging changes in demand.
Using Technology For Wellness Initiatives: How SaaS Can Help
In recent times, much emphasis has been placed on wellness in the workplace; employers are now providing employees with perks and amenities in an effort to improve overall employee wellness. However, access to effective workplace technology can have a huge impact on employee wellness and engagement. Our CEO, Elena Beloshapkova, caught up with Allwork.Space recently and shared her insights on the positive impact technology can have on well-being in the workplace.
How Many Companies Will Really Reduce Their Office Footprints?
At the beginning of the pandemic, many executives believed that remote work would be the new normal and that cutting down on office space was a fact of the future. However, since March 2020, companies have gone down many paths; some have downsized, but others have seen increases in employee numbers. As we adjust to hybrid models, companies must be prepared to explore their own individual needs. Our CEO, Elena Beloshapkova, shared her thoughts with Propmodo on how companies can adapt to the shifting role of the office.