A smart way to manage desks that lets you |
Spreadsheets and calendar systems are complicated tools to manage hot-desking, hoteling, or desk booking, requiring significant attention to maintain. inspace has a better way: a simply intuitive, smart way to manage desks — no maintenance required.
Desk booking made simple
The inspace app allows users to quickly check for available desks and locate colleagues and resources. Employees can then reserve their preferred space in advance or on the spot.
Simple check-in
Upon arrival, check-in is effortless: a quick smartphone tap on the inspace device marks the desk as occupied in the office floor plan. No added work for your team, greater productivity, and accurate data.
Metrics help you understand and optimize your workspace
See popular days, times, and spaces easily with our out-of-the-box metrics, reports, and usage thermomaps. inspace empowers you with relevant insights to help you optimize your space for what your team truly needs.
Streamlined, easy to use, so you can make any desk bookable
Easily find and book desks and other spaces, invite co-workers to collaborate, and manage your day or week. Watch this short video to see how it works. Want a closer look?
Your staff wants flexibility and choice in how they work.
inspace allows them to choose the space they want so they can collaborate and be productive. Employees can book in advance, book on the spot, or find other options as their needs change throughout the day; they are in control.
User App allows users to see the floor plan and available desks. They can make reservations ahead of time or on the spot.
View colleagues allows your team to easily pick desks near team members they want to work with for the day.
inspace's unique device uses NFC technology. Users check in to a space simply by tapping their phone on the device. Devices are long-lasting, require no batteries and they look great!
real-time occupancy metrics let you see space usage at any given time
Aggregate metrics help you evaluate space usage over time so you can optimize to your actual needs.
Getting started with
inspace desk booking
Choose your plan
With three levels of plans starting at just $2.99 per desk per month, you're sure to find the best solution for your team.

All plans include the first month free.
1Next, you will send us your floor plan and staff details, decide how many devices you need, what existing systems you may want to integrate with and let our onboarding team do the rest.

Onboarding is typically completed in 1 - 7 days.
User experience
We will work with you to communicate and introduce inspace to your team. Your success manager will provide training sessions and materials to quickly get you up and running.

In-app notifications keep your team informed on new features and releases.
Workplace analytics
From day one, start gathering insightful data on your space usage. Determine desks' use and popularity. Allow facility managers to measure and improve the utilization of space.

Create a data-driven case for converting underutilized assets.
Flexible and easy booking
with the inspace app
Download the app for free
Stay updated
Receive notifications when we add new features.
See available spaces
A visual floor plan shows occupied and free desks so you can scan to find a space.
Navigate the office
Make finding the conference room for the 2:00 meeting, the kitchen for a cup of coffee, or the closest printer easy for new staff and visitors.
Find spaces near the colleagues you need to work with.
Integrate with existing systems, such as Outlook, Google, Slack, security key cards, etc.
Set access
Administrators control who has access to which desks in which areas. Use any combination of hot desking, desk hoteling, activity based areas, functional areas, dedicated desks, or tailored workspaces to create the unique flexible space your team needs.
Empowering teams through flexible workspaces
Desk booking starting at $2.99 per desk per month
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