We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Aurora Group Case Study

A Transition To A Hybrid Style of Work For An Architectural Bureau

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  • 115
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    Compliance with in-office policy
Aurora group hybrid workplace office
Aurora Group – a major player in the real estate industry, works in different verticals such as engineering, design, and management of construction projects. The company provides more than 70 different services with around eight main focuses, from general contracting and development of urban planning solutions to BIM design and adaptation of international projects in the construction sector.
Aurora workplace manager using the inspace desktop app

The Aurora Group employs more than 100 specialists in various fields including architects, engineers, designers, project managers and budget control specialists. Each of these specialists is involved in various projects simultaneously. So, as you can imagine, the office is always busy. The success of the Aurora Group is based on the professionalism and competence of its team and the implementation of a systematic approach to project management.
Workplace leader using the inspace desktop app to review office usage
As the number of projects increases, the quality of the project's execution needs to remain at the same high standard. As new projects are started, it's not as easy as it seems to stay organized, especially for such a large organization. Therefore, a new strategy needs to be put in place. One trending solution is the creation of a hybrid office, reformatting the workspace for the work of effective project teams.

Aurora Group turned to inspace to implement a solution to help employees book spaces in the company's office. The main goal being to give employees full flexibility in organizing their work.
The flexible workplace system allows you to quickly organize and quickly change workgroups. What I like about inspace is the ability to organize the work of project teams, connect and disconnect employees, see the number of employees at the office in real-time, and use analytics to evaluate the efficiency of using the workspace.

- Vasily Miropolsky, Aurora Group
Open space plan using inspace workplace platform
Open space at the Aurora Group office
The office at the Aurora Group is set up as follows: either a group of tables and chairs organized in a more old-fashioned manner which creates spontaneous communication zones or you can see several tables and one effective IT solution. At each table, a long bench system, a project team is assembled, which is formed for a specific task. Thus, all the specialists are in one place.

inspace provided technical support to the Aurora Group throughout the system implementation process to ensure high quality of project implementation.
After installing the system, employees were offered to download the inspace app on their smartphones. On the app, which includes an office plan, any employee can book a table in the office and at the specified time of booking, brings the smartphone to the NFC sensors installed around the office. Unlike other companies, the IPS sensors are noncontact.

inspace is a system that allows you to create flexible workspaces, gather teams to work together, and optimize office expenses.

- Askar Abildaev, CTO
inspace graphic showing effective hybrid workplace statistics
Final Result

The inspace solution made it possible to quickly organize the work of the Aurora Group's project teams. They also have the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the workspace through analytics. The admin version of the app displays information about the office load in real-time. In the future, analytics can help Aurora Group better manage office occupancy.
inspace device being used to make an acoustic booth bookable
Project companies can gather their teams in any part of the office to work together. inspace is used to create smart offices to see the entire company online.

- Askar Abildaev, CTO
Solutions For Any Space
One of the key features of inspace as a product is the ability to connect different areas in the office. Not only meeting areas, but also any workplace, informal meeting areas, and even lounge areas. This allows you to use the entire office space effectively by 100%.
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