We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Meeting Room
Booking Software

Easily transform your office into a hybrid
workplace with meeting room booking software
that empowers your team.
Meeting Room
Booking Software
Easily transform your office into a hybrid workplace with meeting room booking software that empowers your team.
We’ve all been there. We want to use a conference room for a meeting to find out it’s already been taken.

With the inspace meeting room booking app, you can easily see available conference rooms, check the schedule, make a reservation and get on with your day.

Find & Book in The inspace App


Want to rally the team for a spontaneous meeting? No problem! Use our Room Booking software on any device and place it outside of meeting rooms to easily and instantly book a room on the spot.

Feeling Spontaneous?
Find Space
in Meeting
Room Scheduler


Workspace Management Flexibility


User App allows users to book the space they need - integration with your calendar of choice, keeps everything updated in real-time.
Room Panel Displays allow your team to easily see if rooms are available, the upcoming schedule, and to check-in. Panels are not required by our platform, our panel display is designed to work on your panel of choice.
inspace's unique device uses NFC technology. Users check in to a room simply by holding their phone on the device. If no one checks in, the space is automatically released for rebooking.

Devices are long-lasting, require no batteries, simple to install and they look great!
Aggregate metrics help you evaluate space usage over time so you can optimize to your actual needs.
Metrics provide insight into what spaces are being used the most and when.
Receive notifications when we add new features.
View a visual floor plan to see occupied and free spaces so that you can scan to find the space you need.
Make finding the conference room for the 2:00 meeting, the kitchen for a cup of coffee, or the closest printer easy for new staff and visitors.

Stay Updated




Find spaces near the colleagues you need to work with.


Integrate with existing systems, such as Outlook, Google, Slack, security key cards, etc.

Set Access

Administrators control who has access to which spaces in which areas. Use any combination of activity-based areas, functional areas, or tailored workspaces to create the unique flexible space your team needs.

Elevate Your
Booking Experience

Our flexible meeting room management pricing plans are perfect for every stage of your growth, whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company.

Plans as Little
as $2.99 a User


Reimagining the Pharmaceutical Industry with a Hybrid Workspace

Capital Rx Case Study
72 Desks
2 Meeting Rooms
2 Lounge Areas

A Transition To A Hybrid Style of Work For An Architectural Bureau

Aurora Case Study
115 Desks
5 Meeting Rooms
5 Lounge Areas
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