We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Hybrid Workplace Management Software

Easily transform your office into a hybrid workspace with management software that empowers your team.

Easily transform your workplace with inspace hybrid workplace management software
Our easy-to-use app is your go-to for all things in the office. From who is planning to be in this Wednesday to answers to questions like “Is there a standing desk available near the boardroom,” get all your questions answered from your desktop or mobile device.

Desk Booking
Made Easy, Anytime, Anywhere


Our devices make booking and checking in easy. No wires, batteries, or complicated installation is required. Employees can check into a space simply by tapping their phones on the device.

Book a Space
With a Tap


Our workplace analytics helps administrators and analysts efficiently manage and optimize their spaces by tracking usage dynamically with at-a-glance dashboards and heatmaps. Administrators can create data-informed strategies by monitoring office occupancy in real time.

Data at Your


Use our room booking software on any device to easily see available rooms, capacity, and amenities from a panel placed outside the meeting room or from your mobile phone app for on-the-spot reservation changes.

Find, Book & Schedule Meeting Rooms in the Office


inspace user friendly interface makes booking desks anywhere anytime a breeze
Workplace analytics data insights at your finger tips
Meeting room booking app helps you find and book conference room and meeting spaces quickly

Unlock Your Hybrid Potential

From desks to meeting rooms and so much more, our software takes the guesswork out of hybrid setup, streamlining the employee experience and enhancing productivity. By providing data-driven insights, inspace equips leaders with the tools to optimize space utilization and create a seamless, loved work experience for all.

Visitor Management System

Common Space Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Desk Booking

Parking Space Booking

With our advanced and secure analytics tools, you can design a more efficient and effective hybrid workspace for your team.

Workplace Data That Matters


Get the latest highlights
of whats happening
Find out who is using
the office the most
See what spaces are
most popular

inspace Integrated Workplace Management Case Studies

Every workplace has its own unique needs and challenges.
Here’s how we’ve helped equip a few of our customers on their workplace transformation journey to a hybrid workplace.

Reimagining the Pharmaceutical Industry with a Hybrid Workspace

Capital Rx Case Study
72 Desks
2 Meeting Rooms
2 Lounge Areas

A Transition To A Hybrid Style of Work For An Architectural Bureau

Aurora Case Study
115 Desks
5 Meeting Rooms
5 Lounge Areas
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