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inspace's integrations
with other services

To be successful, businesses constantly implement new technologies and modern solutions. Mid size and large companies work with dozens different user services.
Their abundance and fragmentation can complicate the lives of employees.

inspace helps to establish an interaction between services and products, create a seamless integration, and many processes will accelerate.
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7 scenarios of integration
with inspace:
  • inspace + Google Calendar

Work together

Let's imagine that an employee of a company creates an event in the calendar - sets up a meeting and wants to send an invitation to other users to participate in it.

They can take advantage of services that are already integrated with inspace by default: cloud, Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Gmail. When a meeting is scheduled on the calendar, the invitation to the scheduled meeting comes in inspace.

Such integration helps to simplify collaboration, forms a single space or, as it is fashionable to say, an ecosystem.
  • inspace + Zoom

Possibility of holding meetings in a hybrid mode

Let's say that some of the employees would like to have a meeting in the office, but some of the team is working remotely.

In addition to basic integrations, using open APIs (connectors for interconnecting two systems), inspace creates bundles with video conferencing services, such as Zoom or Cisco Webex.
Planning your work day will be easier with reminders and integrated tools for online calls and online meetings.
inspace allows you to easily integrate with Google Calendar,
MS Outlook and Gmail, as well as with applications
that offer external protocols for working via API
  • inspace + Jira

Involve employees into projects

Let's say a company supports a hybrid style of work, that is, some employees work remotely, and some work from the office. How to quickly attract new team members to work on the project, unite the technical team and the support team?

To solve this problem, synchronize the work of inspace with services responsible for organizing project management, such as Jira or Confluence. These bundles adapt flexibly to different use cases and help you stay aligned, focus on tasks, and get the right people on the job.
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  • inspace + UberEats

Improving employee experience

Let's imagine that an employee of a company goes on a business trip to another city. They plan to book a workplace in the office from the hotel using inspace, and after they are done with work, order lunch and a taxi to the airport.

The inspace application demonstrates the ability to work with various applications that offer external protocols for working via API, including food delivery services - UberEats and Doordash. In addition, the inspace application integrates into the services and software products already operating within companies, enhances and complements them.
Application integrations improve the user experience of employees,
save time and make work more convenient
  • inspace + Corrigo

Unloading facility managers

An employee of a company when booking a workplace, hopes that before his arrival, their desktop and door handles will be disinfected. What to do if the FM team is overloaded with work orders?

Make a request to the cleaning service through inspace. If you would like, you can change the application settings in such a way that you can see the change of employees and order cleaning for a specific period of time.
Integrate and access the popular Corrigo service to make it easier to manage work orders and improve efficiency, not just for cleaning, but for any routine repairs or rush requests.
  • inspace + Microsoft Exchange

An integration out-of-the-box

Imagine the work of a large company. Sometimes, within one working day, dozens of employees can be hired by a company, and dozens can be terminated. How can you quickly track these changes?

inspace allows you to integrate with databases where data is already stored, such as Microsoft Exhange. Now you do not need to manually remove and add users - the system will automatically receive data from Microsoft Exchange.
  • inspace + OKTA

Single Sign On

Let's imagine a company has a unified system of access to software solutions.

inspace provides a turnkey solution with which additional services are also used. For example, integration with services for OKTA authorization, SAML authentication, and Google Authenticator.
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inspace offers:
Rapid deployment with built-in integrations
Connecting to existing real estate and business management platforms
Creation of integrations without involvement of engineers
Many out-of-the-box integrations
An improved user experience
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