We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Parking Spot Reservation App

Now in inspace, you can offer reserved parking as a bookable resource in your hybrid workplace app.


Find Your Parking Spot & Book in The App

Effortlessly reserve company-owned or rented parking spots with inspace's innovative parking spot reservation app. Streamline the process of booking parking spots for employees and guests, ensuring convenience and saving time. Simplify parking management with a user-friendly platform and enjoy a seamless parking experience.


Hassle-Free Parking

Streamline your parking space management with inspace's parking spot reservation app. As a facilities manager, you can easily allocate and assign company-owned or rented parking spots to be used by employees and visitors.

Say goodbye to the headaches of parking logistics and hello to the efficiency of a centralized system. With inspace, you have full control and insight into usage without having to book for everyone.
with the inspace parking spot booking app its easy to find and book spot all from the workplace app
inspace parking booking system makes management of spaces easy for facilities managers

Workplace Flexiblity


real-time occupancy metrics let you see space usage at any given time
Aggregate metrics help you evaluate space usage over time so you can optimize to your actual needs.
Our unique approach gives you the flexibility to make anything within or outside your office bookable, including covered and uncovered parking or cars!
User App allows users to see the parking plan and available spaces. They can make reservations ahead of time or on the spot.
inspace devices use NFC technology so that employees can check into a space simply by tapping their phone on the device’s surface.

Devices are long-lasting, require no batteries, and can be customized to your brand.
Receive notifications when we add new features.
View a visual parking plan to see occupied and free spaces so you can quickly scan to find a spot.
Make finding a parking spot, the meeting room, or the printer easy for new staff and visitors.

Stay Updated




In-app notifications for upcoming reservation, expiration, or any changes to the booking.


Integrate with existing systems, such as Outlook, Google, security key cards, garage passes, etc.

Set Access

Administrators control who has access to which spaces in which areas.
inspace's parking management app makes finding and booking a company-owned or lease spot easy

Parking Space Management
System Solution

download the inspace parking app in the App Store
Download the inspace parking booking app on Google Play
Our flexible pricing plans are perfect for every stage of your growth, whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company.

Plans as Little
as $2.99 a User


Manage parking spot booking with flexible and affordable plans

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