We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Enhance Your Hybrid Workspace:
inspace Integrates with Slack

The integration of inspace with Active Directory (AD) grants access to the company’s network resources categorized by name and attributes
In today's interconnected business landscape, Slack has redefined how teams communicate. As a hub for instant messaging, collaboration, and project management, Slack simplifies team interactions and drives efficiency across tasks. When inspace, the leading hybrid workplace solution, integrates with Slack, it amplifies the capabilities of both platforms, creating an unrivaled collaborative experience for modern organizations.
The Power of Two: Benefits of Slack and inspace Integration
  • Real-time Room Bookings and Notifications
Forget the hassle of swapping between apps to check room availability or book spaces. With this integration, users can instantly view, reserve, and receive notifications about meeting rooms directly in Slack. Whether you're scheduling a conference or booking a quiet space for focused work, everything is a Slack command away. This seamless experience reduces interruptions, saving precious time and boosting productivity.

  • Automated Guest Check-ins and Alerts
Gone are the days when reception desks would be swamped with guest logbooks or when key personnel would miss important visitor notifications. With inspace feeding into Slack, guest check-ins are automatically recorded and relevant team members are instantly notified. Whether it's a potential client, a partner, or a guest lecturer, teams are always prepared and never caught off-guard.

  • Unified Dashboard for Streamlined Operations
The magic of inspace’s analytics combined with Slack's messaging power offers a centralized dashboard, where workplace leaders, HR, IT, and Operations Executives can glean insights into office utilization and communication patterns. By making data-driven decisions, companies can ensure optimal space use and foster an environment conducive to both collaboration and individual productivity.

  • Instant Updates and Direct Communication
Keeping everyone in the loop is easier than ever. Whether there's an important announcement from the management, a change in workspace policy, or just a heads-up about an upcoming team event, inspace ensures that all notifications and updates are instantly relayed via Slack. Direct, real-time communication minimizes misinformation and enhances responsiveness.
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Harness the Full Power of This Integration
To unlock the myriad benefits of integrating inspace with Slack, and to understand its transformative potential for your hybrid workspace, explore our resources. Our comprehensive help center, insightful videos, and step-by-step guides are crafted to guide you every step of the way.

Integrate inspace with Slack and redefine the boundaries of collaborative efficiency. Step into the future of hybrid workspaces where communication, collaboration, and convenience converge.