Colleague View

The inspace colleague map view allows employees to easily find coworkers in the office using the inspace mobile app. View bookings made by colleagues and tap on a user’s icon to see more information, or add a coworker to your “Favorites” list for quick access later.

The colleague map view feature by inspace allows employees to find their colleagues quickly and intuitively using the office plan in our app. The inspace app keeps a record of people and where they’re stationed. By tapping the person’s name, you can find where they are working, and you can even save the people you work with most often in a “Favorites” list.

With just one tap, your employees can see who is in the office and where, making collaboration and productivity easier.

Also, the inspace saved favorites feature is a great way to keep track of colleagues. You can add coworkers to your “Favorites” button and seamlessly access their contact details and location information.

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