Booking Management

inspace's flexible check-in feature enables employees to securely sign into the office with just a single tap of their phone on the inspace device. The digital check-in process eliminates the need for physical contact, providing a more convenient and streamlined experience for employees.

The check-in requirements can be customized by the administrator to suit the needs of the organization. This includes setting different grace periods for individual employees, teams, or the entire company. The check-in process can also be adjusted for different units within the office.
The system also allows for easy tracking of who is in the office at any given time. This can be useful for contact tracing or emergency management purposes. Administrators can quickly view which employees are currently present, when they checked in, and when they are expected to check out.

Flexible check-in can also be integrated with other inspace features, such as room booking and parking, to provide a more complete workplace management solution. With real-time data on who is in the office and how spaces are being used, organizations can make informed decisions about how to optimize their workplace.

Overall, inspace's unique, flexible check-in feature offers a secure, convenient, and flexible solution for managing access to the workplace. With customizable settings and easy integration with other inspace features, it provides a comprehensive solution for workplace management.

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