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Spreadsheets and calendar systems are complicated tools to manage hot-desking, hoteling, or desk booking, requiring significant attention to maintain. inspace has a better way: a simply intuitive, smart way to manage desks — no maintenance required.

With the inspace app, every employee can view the office floor plan on their smartphone and immediately see which workstations are currently occupied and which are available. In addition, the app allows colleagues to be found throughout the office, providing them the freedom to choose their workplace and to collaborate with the person they want.


Each workstation can be equipped with a inspace device. This is a circular cover which is integrated onto the work surface. If an employee places their smartphone with the inspace app on this device, they instantly log onto the workstation.


inspace is an intelligent and complete service solution, which can include detailed planning through installation, maintenance, and modifications. A full training package for both users and facility managers are part of the service support provided.

How It Works
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Upload the software by yourself following our detailed instructions, or email us at and we will be happy to help. It usually takes us from 1 to 7 days to fully onboard a new client.
Place devices
We will send you a flat package with the devices in the mail. Place them on each desk, meeting room, or parking spot that you want to make bookable and you're are all set!
How can employees get
the inspace app?

They can easily download it at AppStore or Google Play.
Excellent solution for your office space
— Tony Kramer
Evaluating how space is used is the key to an efficient workplace
— Laura Werner
Targeted analysis and interpretation

So which workstations are most popular with people and which are rarely used? Is there really a need for another conference room, if the utilization of the existing space is just 30 percent? These and other questions can be answered with inspace.
Utilization data is stored and processed in a secure web portal and can then be analyzed and mined depending on your objectives. Facility managers have access to an amazing tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of space. This can cut rental and operating costs for occupiers and increase job satisfaction levels. inspace makes both possible.
Highest levels of security and data protection

All data on the use of the workstations are collected anonymously by inspace. This means that utilization data for a workspace cannot be assigned to a specific employee at any time. Facility managers and all who use the web portal for analysis only have access to aggregated data.
inspace offers other security features. Employees’ smartphones do not have to be connected to the internal IT network, so no critical interfaces are created. Connection and data transmission takes place directly between smartphones and the inspace system, which also ensures maximum reliability.

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