We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Desk Booking
Software For
Hybrid Workplaces

Transform your office into a hybrid workplace with desk booking software that empowers your hybrid team and lets them choose their little oasis for the day whether your office management approach is hot desks, desk hoteling, own office or some combination.

The inspace desk booking app delivers exceptional convenience for scheduling workspaces, booking reservations, and staying connected with colleagues.

Leverage the full suite of features to empower your team and thrive in the modern hybrid work environment, all through our user-friendly and feature-rich app.

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Our desk booking software prioritizes employee experience, fostering engagement and satisfaction. Simplify workspace selection, enhance productivity, and promote collaboration with inspace.

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Accommodate diverse workplace needs with a range of desk booking system options, including hot desking, hoteling, and assigned seating.

inspace desk booking offers versatile solutions for today's dynamic workspaces.

Flexible Desk
Booking for All


Desk Booking Made Easy,
Anytime, Anywhere

Boost Productivity,
Satisfaction & Collaboration

Hot Desking, Desk Hoteling,
Assigned Desks & More

Flexible desk booking with hot desking, desk sharing, desk hoteling, assigned desks and more
Desk Booking App makes desk booking easy anytime and anywhere
Find colleagues in your hybrid workplace

Desk Booking Software Feature Highlights

Seamless and easy desk booking for hybrid workplaces.
  • Energy saving, hardware-free, environmentally friendly desk booking devices that install quickly and require no maintenance

    No Hardware, No Fuss

    Embrace the freedom of our energy-saving, hardware-free desk-sharing platform. Save on installation and maintenance costs and get started quickly.
  • Desk Booking smart filters help users find what they need

    Smart Filters & Amenities, Find the Perfect Workspace

    Use smart filters in desk booking to locate the ideal workspace based on amenities such as standing desks or special equipment.
  • inspace desk booking control access to desks, offices and more by person, team, role, and more

    Control Workspace Access with Ease, by Role, Department & More

    Manage workplace access based on role, department, day, or time. inspace's flexible permission settings ensure a smooth and efficient booking experience.
  • inspace desk booking offers interactive floor plans to make navigating and booking the hybrid office easier

    Interactive Floorplans - Find Spaces & Colleagues At a Glance

    Explore your office with interactive floor plans. inspace enables employees to quickly locate available spaces or colleagues, fostering productivity and collaboration.
  • Optimize your office with data-driven insights

    Unlock Valuable Desk Booking Insights with Workplace Analytics

    Harness the power of desk booking analytics to optimize your workspace, identify trends, and make informed decisions for your organization's future.
  • Your Office, Your Brand

    Create visual brand impact in your office by upgrading to branded booking devices, meeting room panels and the inspace app - your colors, your logo

Desk Management Flexibility


User App allows users to see the floor plan and available desks. They can make reservations ahead of time or on the spot.
View colleagues allows your team to easily pick desks near team members they want to work with for the day.
inspace devices use NFC technology so that employees can check into a space simply by tapping their phone on the device’s surface.

Devices are long-lasting, require no batteries, and can be customized to your brand.
Desk booking from the app controlled by office managers for hot desking,
Desk booking that lets you view colleagues hot desks so you can choose your hot desk in the office space
hot desk booking software for hybrid work
office management analytics from hot desk booking software to maximize hot desking arrangements, show desk usage for hot desks with key features for space utilization
Aggregate metrics help you evaluate space usage over time so you can optimize to your actual needs.
real-time occupancy metrics let you see space usage at any given time
Our Clients Love Us
Our Clients Love Us
Receive notifications from your workplace or when we add new features.
View a visual floor plan interactive map of occupied and free hot desks, hoteling desks, or private offices to find the best workspace.
Wayfinding makes finding seating arrangements, the conference room, kitchen or the closest printer easy for new staff and visitors.

Stay Updated




Find spaces near the colleagues you need to work with.


Integrate with existing systems, such as Outlook, Google, Slack, security key cards, etc.

Set Access

Administrators control access to desk booking seating arrangements - who has access to which spaces in which areas. Use any combination of hot desking, office neighborhoods, activity-based areas, functional areas, dedicated desks, or tailored workspaces to create a uniquely flexible space.
inspace app allows for desk booking in any model, hot desking, desk hoteling, desk sharing or assigned desks

Elevate Your Desk
Booking Experience

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The inspace desk booking app streamlines workspace management, optimizes space utilization, and enhances the employee experience, making your workplace work for you like never before.

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Our flexible pricing plans are perfect for every stage of your growth, whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company.

Plans as Little
as $2.99 a User


Flexible pricing plans perfect for all stages of growth, pay as you go model

Reimagining the Pharmaceutical Industry with a Hybrid Workspace

Capital Rx Case Study
72 Desks
2 Meeting Rooms
2 Lounge Areas

A Transition To A Hybrid Style of Work For An Architectural Bureau

Aurora Case Study
115 Desks
5 Meeting Rooms
5 Lounge Areas


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