Visitor Check-In

Experience the convenience and efficiency of self-check-in with inspace's visitor management system. Our solution eliminates waiting and unnecessary hassle, providing a smooth check-in experience for all your guests.

Effortless Self-Check-in Process

Visitors appreciate the convenience and efficiency of self-check-in, which eliminates waiting and any unnecessary hassle. With this feature, guests can independently complete their check-in process, saving both their time and the time of the front office or event staff. The self-check-in process includes capturing a photo for identification purposes and seamlessly integrating it into the visitor's badge.
inspace visitor management with self check-in ad automated guest set-up and notifications
Automatic Badge Printing and Wi-Fi Access

The inspace Workplace Visitor Management system enables automatic badge printing and assigns Wi-Fi access to guests using integration to your existing systems, ensuring they have a smooth and enjoyable experience while visiting your premises. By streamlining the check-in process, your organization can make a lasting first impression on visitors, showcasing your commitment to efficiency and innovation.
inspace visitor management with self check-in and automated guest set-up including photographs, personalizations and access control
A Lasting First Impression with Streamlined Check-in

Provide your guests with a memorable experience from the moment they enter your premises. inspace's visitor management system prioritizes efficiency and innovation, demonstrating your organization's commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all visitors.
Visitor Management