Space Reservation

The inspace space reservation feature allows employees to book a desk, workstation, or any other type of space remotely and in advance, making it seamless for guests to plan their workday.

The inspace mobile app includes a floorplan of the entire workplace, showing what workstations and amenities are assigned to whom in real-time. This way, users can instantly identify which spaces are occupied and which are available. But, here’s the best part: employees can reserve a spot remotely and check in when they arrive by lightly tapping their phone against the inspace device.

Some desks will need to be assigned to specific people and teams. The assigned desks feature from inspace is a modern approach to the more traditional fixed seating of workspace management. The solution makes assigned seating easy and convenient without taking away the versatility of hot desking.

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inspace helped make it possible for Aurora Group to transition to hybrid work and to evaluate the effectiveness of the workspace through analytics.

Make Space Reservation Easy and Convenient

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