We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
Workplace Management PLATFORM Comparison

inspace vs. Skedda

Access Systems
inspace v. Skedda
Feature Comparison
Real-Time Availability & Mobile Scheduling
Interactive Floor Plan
Mobile Application
Employee Experience
Employee Centric UX
User Dashboard/ Digital Community
Implementation Time
Workplace Safety
Seat Assignment/Management
Multi-Level Capacity Enforcement
Compliance Questionnaire
User Roles & Permissions
Secure Check-In/Check-Out
User Adoption >80%
On-Premise Hosting Option
Workplace Surveys
3 weeks
Workplace Booking
Room Booking
1 week
Hot Desking
Desk Hoteling
Common Spaces
Work Planning (home, office, etc.)
Work-From-Home Threshold
Self-Serve Portal
Microsoft 360
Messaging (Slack)
Directory & Single Sign-On
Security Systems
Wellness & Safety
Services & Support
Google Workplace
Food & Delivery Services
Human Resource & Recruiting
Build Your Own
Desk or Room Features
Meeting Services
Equipment Requests
Space Amenities
Hybrid Work Management
Video Conferencing

Bridging the Gap Between
Basic Space Booking and
Hybrid Workplace Experience

inspace is the ideal choice for today's hybrid workplace, offering intuitive interfaces, powerful analytics, all-inclusive features, and a holistic focus on enhancing workplace experience.
Decision Point Comparison
Features & Functionality
Range of features such as interactive floorplans, rich analytics for workspace utilization, custom automation rules for bookings, and integrations with major platforms.
Comprehensive AI-driven platform with user-friendly features for booking desks, rooms, and other spaces, visitor management, data-driven insight into space usage, and more.
Ease of Use
The platform boasts user-friendly tools like interactive floorplans and a mobile app, streamlining booking process. However, users report that these are not intuitive.

Unique automated space usage functionality is user-friendly while also providing effective management tools and data-driven insights.
Mobile Access

Offers mobile access but is not intuitive or full-featured.
User-friendly full-featured mobile app specifically for the inspace platform, included free at every subscription level.
Integration Library and Capabilities
Provides seamless integrations with popular platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, but not 2-way or out of the box.
Does not include an IWMS. It can be integrated with a wide variety of business tools and platforms to ensure that your workplace tech stack works the way your team needs it to.
Scalability & Flexibility

Caters primarily to very small organizations satisfied with the free limited version of the platform. This may suggest limited scalability for larger or more complex organizations.

Caters to organizations from 5 - 50,000+ Easily scalable without need to invest in hardware or implementation support. Flexible to handle changing or multiple work models.
Customer Support
Known for its exceptional customer support, Skedda promptly addresses user queries.
Self-help resource center with guides, videos, and tutorials. Option for 24/7 support and dedicated client success manager.
Employee Experience

With features like interactive floorplans and a mobile app, Skedda seems geared towards enhancing the employee experience regarding booking and space management. However, they lack the intuitive, modern approach hybrid employees need.
Strong emphasis on providing an employee-centric experience while meeting the needs of facilities and office managers of the space. The focus is on making spaces easier to use and capturing insightful data that helps workplace leaders make informed space decisions.
Secure platform with features like SAML and SSO
Data-driven and secure platform
Easy-to-navigate basic pricing plans, features, and integrations are all add-ons. No pay-as-you-go approach.
Three pricing plans, starting at $2.99 per use per month, provide popular features and integrations for companies of varying sizes and at different stages of hybrid. All plans offer a free getting-started period and pay-as-you-go, so you can change your plan whenever needed.
Top 6 Reasons
that inspace is a better choice than Skedda to manage your hybrid workplace
  • 1
    Simplified Pricing and Out of the Box Functionality
    inspace offers a full-featured application with straightforward pricing. Unlike Skedda, with inspace, there's no need to navigate complicated pricing structures or pay extra for seemingly minor features.
  • 2
    Flexible Commitment
    inspace operates on a pay-as-you-go system, allowing businesses the flexibility to scale their operations without being tied down to stringent contracts. This contrasts with Skedda, which may cater primarily to smaller firms and may not offer the same level of scalability.
  • 3
    Modern and Intuitive Interface
    inspace's user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing app and web-based interface ensure a smooth user experience. While Skedda has its own set of commendable features, inspace emphasizes a modern approach, which may resonate more with today's hybrid workforce.
  • 4
    Extensive Integrations
    inspace boasts an extensive library of integrations, including two-way core integrations with calendar systems like Outlook and Google. This is offered at every subscription level, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality for businesses of all sizes.
  • 5
    User-Centric Support
    inspace offers a user-centric help resource center, ensuring all users can easily find answers to their queries and issues. This customer-focused approach may offer a more personalized touch compared to Skedda's more generalized service.
  • 6
    AI-Driven Solutions
    One of inspace's standout features is its AI-Driven Workplace Platform. This tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate and optimize bookings and other related processes, potentially offering more advanced insights and functionality than Skedda's offerings.
inspace is the solution to make your hybrid office work better for everyone. With a purpose-built platform, you won't find separate apps cobbled together or missing functionality. We at inspace believe in connecting workplaces and workspaces to create the best possible experience.

Our mission is to equip your workplace for any challenge it may face. With the future of work rapidly changing, different hybrid workplace software providers offer different systems to help you get started. But with inspace, you have a single solution to meet your needs.

inspace is different from Skedda and other basic booking solutions. With a focus on ease of use and seamless integration, you won't have to deal with the frustration of managing one-way integrations. And with our commitment to improving the hybrid work experience, you can trust that we will always be at the forefront of innovation and technology.

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What is inspace?

The inspace platform streamlines workspace management, optimizes space utilization, and enhances the employee experience, making your workplace work for you like never before.

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