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The Smart Workplace Platform

Making Workplaces Work Better

Elevate employee experience, boost productivity, and rightsize your office space by creating a flexible office that learns what works best for your users and your space. The hybrid workplace platform that turns any office space into a smart office.
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Making Hybrid Workplaces of All Sizes Work Better

inspace is quickly becoming the premiere option for offices looking to transform their hybrid workplace

Discover the Modern Hybrid Workplace

From desks to meeting rooms and so much more, our software takes the guesswork out of hybrid setup, streamlining the employee experience and enhancing productivity. By providing data-driven insights, inspace equips leaders with the tools to optimize space utilization and create a seamless, loved work experience for all.

Visitor Management System

Common Space Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Desk Booking

Parking Space Booking

inspace is caters to the needs of the hybrid workplace, enabling employees to have flexible work arrangements while enabling employers to offer a variety of models to suit different work needs. This flexibility leads to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Empower Your Hybrid Workforce

Through its smart booking system for desks, rooms, and spaces, inspace ensures optimal space usage. This shows you where you can reduce real estate costs and helps you better understand future needs.

Rightsize Your Office Space

With its sophisticated visitor management system, inspace ensures a smooth and professional experience for office guests, enhancing the company's image while maintaining safety and security.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

inspace provides valuable workplace analytics that informs decision-making. This data can help organizations understand employee work patterns, plan for future needs, and continually refine their hybrid work model, office layout, and policies for maximum efficiency, comfort, and productivity.

Data-Driven Decisions

inspace's features promote community and collaboration among employees. Social notes on the interactive floorplan, User Hub, and integrations with popular apps foster interaction, and enhancing employee experience.

Engage Employees

Unlock the Power of a Hybrid Office:
A More Productive and Engaging Workplace

Streamline workspace management, optimize space, and enhance employee experience, make your workplace work for you like never before.

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Streamline workspace management, optimize space, and enhance employee experience, make your workplace work for you like never before.

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inspace offers features like social notes and event booking that encourage interaction and community-building in your workspace.

Build a Community

inspace analytics provide crucial data that helps you optimize your workspace and hybrid work model.

Workplace Analytics

Upgrade your visitors' experience with inspace.
Our platform remembers their preferences and guides them through your workspace, making their visit enjoyable and unique.

Unique Visitor Experience

Space Booking

Efficiently manage your workplace with inspace.
Book desks, rooms, parking, any space with just a tap.

Unleash Productivity with inspace


Boost Occupancy Beyond 60%

It takes a solid team commitment to make a hybrid workplace work well and get everyone together when they need to be.
Whatever role you play, inspace is your dedicated partner from day one, ensuring your team thrives together.
Workplace Data Screens
Workplace Data Screens
Workplace Data Screens
Workplace Data Screens
For Workplace Managers, inspace simplifies space management with easy-to-use features and interactive floor plans that let’s employees manage their own space needs. The platform also provides data on usage trends, helping managers make informed decisions about space allocation, resourcing, and support needs.
Workplace Data Screens

A Safe, Secure, and
Private Workplace

inspace is committed to creating a workplace environment that's not just collaborative and efficient, but also safe, secure and private.

inspace helps to keep your workplace, integrating with security systems to manage secure access, enhancing safety for your team and visitors alike.

Our platform respects and safeguards your data, adhering to the highest industry standards for information security. Privacy settings ensure that personal preferences and usage patterns are protected, while secure access controls keep your physical spaces safe.

Trust inspace to be your reliable partner in establishing a secure and respectful hybrid workplace.


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