We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
Ditch the inefficiencies of Excel, Monday, and other non-purpose-built platforms for managing hybrid – embrace the future of hybrid work management
Hybrid Schedule Template
Cut Costs & Chaos:
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What's the scoop on hybrid work schedule templates?
Hybrid work scheduling combines remote and in-office work, offering flexibility to employees. However, managing this can be challenging, leading to disorganized calendars.

To avoid inefficiency and chaos, operational leaders need a dynamic hybrid schedule template to simplify the process.

Comparing Three Types
of Office Work Schedules

  • In-Office First

    In this setup, team members are office buddies all the time, except for the occasional work-from-home day for things like doctor appointments, taking care of the kiddos, or unique life events.
  • Remote First

    This one's all about working from different places—no office space needed! Remote teammates might meet in person a few times a year for fun events or off-site get-togethers.
  • Hybrid

    Here's where it gets interesting. This model combines the first two, so employees work from home on some days and from the office on others. Some types of hybrid work styles let you choose when to pop into the office, while others have a more structured hybrid schedule with specific days set aside for at-home or in-office work.
inspace is designed specifically for managing hybrid workplaces, offering unmatched adaptability and a variety of features to cater to the unique needs of hybrid work environments.

A key component is hybrid work schedules- desk and room scheduling, coordinating schedules with team members, reporting on compliance with hybrid work policies, etc. This innovative solution provides several key benefits:

  • Enhanced flexibility for employees to accommodate their work preferences
  • Streamlined coordination of in-person and remote work arrangements
  • Centralized calendar management for efficient resource allocation
  • Easy dashboard reporting shows office use at a glance

Hybrid Work Scheduling the Easy Way


inspace eliminates the need for a single person to oversee scheduling accuracy, no matter how many times employees change their schedules.

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for your team to maintain and update their hybrid schedules and see everyone else’s. This streamlined management leads to:

  • Increased autonomy for team members to manage their own hybrid schedules
  • Improved visibility of team on-site and remote work for effective collaboration
  • A reduced administrative burden on managers of hybrid employees

Scheduling Precision Without Supervision


inspace goes beyond traditional scheduling tools by incorporating cutting-edge hybrid work environment analytics and benchmarking capabilities. This optimizes space management, making it the smarter choice for your organization.

With inspace, you can expect:

  • Accurate data about where staff are working, and how often, what spaces are over used, and which ones are hardly used
  • A rich dashboard of workplace metrics - everything you need at a glance in visual graphics that are easily shared
  • Data-driven insights about space usage and ways to optimize your office

Accurate Data, Easy Reporting, Useful Insights


Let's remove the hassle of manual hybrid scheduling completely! Best of all, you can get started today, for free.
Experience Better Hybrid Scheduling
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Interactive floorplans
Secure data
24/7 customer support
Self-service bookings
Single Sign-On
inspace is a purpose-built hybrid work environment solution that saves time, money, and resources compared to generic platforms. By enhancing the employee experience with office work, we help maximize productivity and satisfaction.

With inspace as your employee engagement and scheduling solution, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Lower operational costs through efficient on-site space use through a desk reservation system
  • Data-driven insights into remote work and in-office employee engagement to choose the types of hybrid work to best suit work schedules.
  • Increased productivity as employees can adopt a hybrid work schedule aligned with collaborative tasks and remote work, and focus on their core tasks rather than juggling the office schedule
  • Improved employee satisfaction with a seamless hybrid work experience

Helps Ops Leaders Max Resources


inspace is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and tools, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your current workflows.

Create a hybrid approach that aligns with your corporate culture and works for your executive team, employees who work remotely, or hybrid work. Our platform's compatibility with various systems provides:

  • Easy synchronization with your calendar and project management applications
  • Streamlined hybrid work schedule data exchange between inspace and your other business tools
  • Reduced time spent on manual data entry and updates to static hybrid work schedules

Bridging the Gap: Uniting Your Hybrid Toolbox


inspace is built to accommodate the changing hybrid workplace needs of growing organizations.

As your business expands, our platform is designed to scale with you, providing consistent support and functionality. The scalability of inspace offers:

  • Effortless onboarding of new team members and locations to a dynamic hybrid work schedule
  • Adaptability to evolving or multiple hybrid work models
  • Seamless integration with additional tools and systems that make your hybrid work schedule work across your organization

The Flexible Hybrid Platform for 5 to 500,000


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Hybrid Work Schedule Templates (FAQs):