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Multiple Domain Support in inspace

Multiple Domain Support

inspace's multi-domain support feature – a powerful solution designed for organizations with multiple domains. Now, administrators can efficiently manage all domains within an organization using a single inspace instance, streamlining the process and saving costs.

With inspace's multi-domain support, administrators can effortlessly handle various domains across the organization while maintaining a centralized control point. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple instances, reducing both complexity and expenses.

This robust feature allows for seamless user management, workspace bookings, and resource allocation within each domain, ensuring a smooth and unified experience. Furthermore, inspace's comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into each domain's performance, enabling administrators to make data-driven decisions and optimize their hybrid workplace strategy.

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and cost savings of inspace's multi-domain support, designed to simplify the administration of organizations with multiple domains. Harness the power of a unified platform and elevate your hybrid work experience with inspace.