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Email Notifications inspace

Email Notifications

Customizable notifications are a key feature of the inspace app, giving employees control over how they receive updates about their workspace. With deep integrations with popular platforms like Outlook, Google Suite, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, users can choose to receive notifications in their preferred program.

This flexibility ensures that employees stay informed without being overwhelmed by notifications, helping to improve their productivity and reduce distractions. Administrators can also customize notification settings for individual users or groups, providing a more personalized experience.

The inspace app also offers a range of notifications for different types of events, such as upcoming meetings, desk bookings, changes to room availability and general workplace announcements. With real-time updates and live data feeds, employees can stay up-to-date on the latest workplace information and make informed decisions about their workday.

Overall, the customizable notification system from inspace provides a convenient and efficient way to keep employees informed and engaged with their workspace. Deep integrations with popular platforms and customizable settings offer a personalized experience that can improve productivity and reduce distractions.