Tools to Help You Transition
into a Hybrid Office

The Five Best Tools for a Hybrid Workspace
Making the transition from a regular office to a hybrid workplace doesn't have to be difficult.

With the surge in hybrid and remote work the last couple years, more and more companies are looking to offer flexible options for their employees to keep pace with competitors. Because many companies simply aren't able to offer a completely remote option, a hybrid workspace can often be a better choice.
Why Hybrid Workspaces Work Better
Rather than trying to support employees from around the globe at all times, the hybrid option allows companies to rely on employees to come into the office on a regular basis while still retaining some remote optionality.

From an employee's perspective, a hybrid workflow can help them achieve a better work/life balance without the rigid work week hours. With the Coronavirus still making a large impact, being able to control the amount of people in office is an added bonus for a hybrid workspace.
What Specific Tools Can Help with a Hybrid Workspace?
It is not easy for organizations to adapt the hybrid workflow without any sort of transition. Luckily, there are many tools out there to assist!
We'd be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn't used, or at least heard of, Zoom after it has taken the world by storm. The go-to application for video meetings, conferencing, and live chat for organizations all over the world continues to come out with updates to make improvements on its usability. There are multiple subscription plans available for Zoom, including Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise tiers.
Asana is a great task management tool that allows for collaboration and communication across teams and projects. With different ways of organizing tasks and projects, Asana can be very versatile for all departments in a business. This tool is actually free for up to 15 people on a team, and does offer a premium version starting at $10.99 and includes many upgraded features like custom fields, security features, and more.

inspace is a revolutionary workplace management app that allows those in an organization to reserve workstations, meeting rooms, lounge areas, and even parking spots for when they are going to be onsite. Find where your project-specific coworkers are working in the building to make collaboration easier, or use the app as a new employee to navigate large buildings!

Not only can inspace help your organization save on rent, but it's more cost-effective than competitors because of its easy, hardware-free design.
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Prioritizing your employees' mental health is a great way to prevent burnout, sick days, and turnover. As part of their compensation to employees, many organizations are now providing access to Headspace, an app providing mindfulness programs like exercises and meditations.

Using this program can help employees sleep, focus, and de-stress. In a business world that's constantly changing and evolving, having a program like this can assist employees in adopting new ways of working, like hybrid or remote work.
When employees are bouncing in and out of the office, it is crucial that they are able to access the files they need on the go. Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service that allows for file organization and convenient team collaboration. With a phone app and the ability to access through desktop, syncing your files has never been easier.
Using inspace with Other Tools
to Transition to a Hybrid Workforce
While you will know which tools might best apply for your organization, these five are often a great starting point. Using inspace as the foundation for your hybrid workforce is one of the best ways to guarantee a smoother transition and more intentional collaboration.

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