Workplace Management Product Comparison

inspace vs. Appspace

What is inspace?

inspace is the solution you need to make your hybrid office work better for everyone. With a purpose-built platform, you won't find separate apps cobbled together. We at inspace believe in connecting workplaces and workspaces to create the best possible experience.

Our mission is to equip your workplace for any challenge it may face. With the future of work rapidly changing, different hybrid workplace software providers offer different systems to help you get started. But with inspace, you have a single solution specifically designed to meet your needs.

inspace is different from Appspace and other hybrid workplace solutions. With a focus on ease of use and seamless integration, you won't have to deal with the frustration of managing multiple systems. And with our commitment to improving the hybrid work experience, you can trust that we will always be at the forefront of innovation and technology.

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose
inspace Over Appspace
  • 1
    Employee Adoption
    >80% Guaranteed
    A workplace system is only as good as its adoption rate. If only 5% of your employees are using the system, your usage data will not be an accurate reflection of reality. inspace is the only provider offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't achieve an 80% or greater adoption rate.
  • 2
    Accurate Data
    inspace's patented devices ensure secure and accurate usage data. We use NFC technology, not QR codes. QR codes can be used to check-in to the space even if you are not physically there. Our devices use NFC chips for fast, reliable, secure, and accurate check-ins.
  • 3
    Scalable Design
    Without Scaling Costs
    No hardware to buy or installers to hire. No batteries or anything else to maintain. inspace's patented approach provides flexible, environmentally friendly, scalable technology that can be used to make anything bookable, using any digital signage you want.
  • 4
    Hybrid Needs More Than Digital Signage
    At inspace, we approach employee experience differently. We focus on the WHOLE experience and go beyond to make workplaces work better for everyone. The result is a user-friendly app that makes finding amenities and using the office easy for employees and visitors alike. It's like having an office concierge in the palm of your hand.
  • 5
    More Integrations
    Your workplace needs more than basic email and calendar integrations. Since inspace is a single platform, it all works together seamlessly and we will never push you to work with different development teams to get what you need. inspace leads the market on integrations to make your office commute worthy, productive, and fun.
  • 6
    Less Bugs
    No one likes multiple confirmations, disappearing bookings, or things that take too many clicks. We use inspace in our office and have access to new releases first. So we find and exterminate bugs before our users are agitated by them.
Accurate Data Appspace
Cannot Match
inspace's patented technology means you get accurate, secure usage data. Hybrid working has brought new solutions—and new problems: a lack of connection, a weakened sense of community, and a hesitancy to make changes without the information to support them.

inspace provides the data-driven expertise leaders need to support and manage initiatives. With industry-leading user adoption rates, inspace is unmatched in data accuracy and insightful reporting.

  • Take your hybrid working strategy to the next level
  • Optimize your real estate with custom analytics
  • Build a meaningful workplace that supports well-being and productivity
  • Embrace a more sustainable future driven by smart data
We believe in simple, purpose-built, scalable solutions, so we developed inspace to be device agnostic. We won't lure you with inexpensive user prices only to make you buy expensive hardware requiring professional installation and ongoing maintenance.

Use inspace on any device, and place it outside meeting rooms to easily and instantly book a room on the spot. With Appspace, you will need to purchase, install and maintain their signage devices.
Any Space. Any Device.
No Hidden Extras.
No Scaling Costs.
Maximizing Hybrid Workplace Potential: Moving Beyond Signage
At inspace, we believe that effective workplace communication and navigation are essential, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. To truly optimize the workplace experience, it's important to consider all the information that employees, visitors, and workplace leaders need to make the most of their time.

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment, connection, collaboration, and engagement are critical to drive innovation and productivity.
That's why we take a holistic approach to workplace improvement at inspace. We understand that each person who uses our platform has unique needs and preferences, and we work hard to cater to those needs. Our team constantly seeks insights from workplace psychologists, designers, and clients to anticipate and address their evolving needs.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the barriers that come with physical office use and remote work. We are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to enhance the workplace experience, and our commitment to this goal is reflected in our impressive adoption rate of over 80% among our client's employees.
Easier Connection
To The Tools You Love
With more ready-to-use integrations than Appspace, you can connect inspace to the tools your team uses daily or use our custom API for everything else. Now that is a full-function workplace app!
inspace v. Appspace
Feature Comparison
1 week
8 weeks
Workplace Surveys
User Adoption >80%
Seat Assignment/Management
Implementation Time
User Dashboard/ Digital Community
Employee Centric UX
Employee Experience
Hybrid Work Management
Self-Serve Portal
Work-From-Home Threshold
Work Planning (home, office, etc.)
Space Amenities
Equipment Requests
Meeting Services
Desk or Room Features
Mobile Application
Interactive Floor Plan
Real-Time Availability & Mobile Scheduling
Common Spaces
Desk Hoteling
Hot Desking
Room Booking
Workplace Booking
On-Premise Hosting Option
Secure Check-In/Check-Out
User Roles & Permissions
Compliance Questionnaire
Multi-Level Capacity Enforcement
Workplace Safety
Video Conferencing
Build Your Own
Human Resource & Recruiting
Food & Delivery Services
Access Systems
Google Workplace
Services & Support
Wellness & Safety
Security Systems
Directory & Single Sign-On
Messaging (Slack)
Microsoft 360
Ken Mallon
Studio Director, T3 Savills
We are reinventing the definition of a workplace with innovation and technology and creating an environment that engages all of the senses and makes people want to return Ken Mallon Studio, Director, T3 Savills
Vasily Miropolsky
CBDO, Aurora Group
What I like about inspace is the ability to organize the work of project teams, connect employees, see the number of employees at the office in real-time, and use analytics to evaluate the efficiency of using the workspace. Vasily Miropolsky CBDO, Aurora Group
Kristin Harrison
IT Applications, NCSSM
 I was impressed with the integrations inspace offered, the skill of their developers, and their willingness to listen to user experience. The fact that inspace was able to integrate seamlessly with our existing tech stack was also important to us. Clearly, we were partnering with a team dedicated to providing a world-class product that would meet our needs and exceed expectations. Kristen Harrison IT Applications NCSSM
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