Visitor Registration

Embrace the power of pre-registration with inspace's Workplace Visitor Management system, designed to save time and streamline the check-in process for visitors and businesses.

Streamlined Check-in with Advanced Preparation

Pre-registration is an essential feature of inspace's Workplace Visitor Management system, designed to save visitors time and streamline check-in. By enabling guests to pre-register before their visit, businesses can gather necessary information, including the purpose of the visit, the host's details, and the visitor's contact information. This advanced preparation expedites check-in and allows organizations to screen visitors for safety and security purposes, ensuring a secure environment for all.
inspace visitor management offer customizable and automated guest communications to facilitate a smoother registration process
Personalized and Welcoming Visitor Experience

Pre-registration also allows hosts to collect any preferences or special requirements from visitors before their arrival. This added layer of personalization can help create a more pleasing and welcoming experience, leaving a positive impression on your guests. Incorporating pre-registration into your visitor management process can enhance efficiency and visitor satisfaction, setting your organization apart from the competition.
Automated Guest Registration for In-Office Events and Meetings

When a guest is added to an in-office event or meeting in a calendar linked to inspace or manually added or uploaded as a guest in inspace by the administrator, the Visitor Management system automatically creates a profile for them and sends an invitation to register. This streamlined experience can be customized for various types of guests, including clients, partners, job candidates, and contractors, ensuring a tailored and hassle-free registration process. By automating guest registration and providing personalized experiences, inspace's system improves efficiency, enhances visitor satisfaction, and helps create lasting impressions for all guests to your office.
inspace visitor management includes automated customizable visitor messaging to help you leave a great lasting impression on guests
Visitor Management