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Unlike other workspace management devices, patented inspace device offers effortless mobility, relying on non-damaging adhesive to stick onto any surface. Its wear-and-tear-proof design is resistant to harsh conditions and stains, making it ideal for dynamic office environments.

Customization options allow for a personalized device that matches your company's branding. Add your logo and choose a color for the frame to accentuate your office space.

inspace devices offer a flexible solution for workspace management, allowing for easy movement and repositioning. Its adhesive-based design eliminates the need for in-wall screws or clumsy stands, simplifying installation and reducing damage to walls or furniture.

The device's versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for modern, dynamic workspaces. Its customizable design also helps to integrate the device seamlessly into your existing office decor.

Overall, the inspace device offers a convenient and customizable solution for workplace management, enabling effortless mobility and personalization.

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