Desk Devices

Unlike other workspace management devices, inspace desk devices are effortless to move. Instead of wall mounts, bulky wheeled bases, or clumsy stands, inspace devices rely on non-damaging adhesive to stick onto wood, metal, and glass surfaces. Remove the device and re-stick it, including desks, doors, and walls, without leaving any stains or residue behind. No wires, no damage, no stress. And yes, "wherever" includes desks, doors, walls, or any other kind of surface! Wood, glass, metal: everything goes. No wires, no damage, no stress. Peel. Stick. Go.

inspace devices are wear-and-tear proof: no curling edges, stain and fingerprint-resistant, resistant to water, high temperatures, and other harsh conditions. inspace devices are effortless to move: no in-wall screws, bulky wheeled bases, or clumsy stands.

If you want to add that additional personal touch, inspace devices can be customized to match your company’s internal branding. Our devices will fit right in and accentuate your office space. You can add your logo and even choose a color of the physical frame to match your brand book.

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