Visitor & Host Communications

Enhance your visitor experience with the visitor and host communications feature, designed to streamline interactions and ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit for all guests.

Effortless Coordination between Visitors and Hosts

The visitor and host communications feature simplifies the coordination process by automatically notifying hosts when their guests arrive, ensuring timely and efficient meetings. In addition, the system enables hosts to send pre-visit information, such as parking instructions or directions, to their guests, providing a seamless and stress-free experience from the moment visitors arrive on-site.
Customizable Messaging for a Personalized Experience

inspace's visitor management system allows for customized messaging, enabling hosts to tailor their communications to suit the needs of each visitor, from job candidates to contractors and clients. This personal touch helps create a welcoming and professional environment, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and reinforcing your organization's commitment to excellence.

Real-Time Updates for Smooth Guest Management

The visitor and host communications feature provides real-time updates on visitor status, ensuring that hosts are always informed and prepared for their guests' arrival. This real-time information helps minimize wait times and facilitates efficient visitor management, contributing to an overall positive experience for both visitors and hosts.

inspace's visitor management system, complete with the visitor and host communications feature, elevates your visitor experience by streamlining interactions and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit for all. Prioritize clear communication and exceptional guest experiences with inspace.
Visitor Management