Desk Availability Scheduler

imagine yourself in the shoes of a regular employee. After some trial and error, you find that comfy office spot: ideally located and conveniently equipped. You work there time and time again, only to come to the office one day and find your favorite space occupied by a fellow coworker. They're already hard at work, and, like the considerate colleague you are, you wander off to look for something else. As you frantically scan the premises for a new spot for your soon-to-kick-off Google Meet sync, you catch yourself thinking, "If only there were a way to somehow know if a space has already been taken..."

But what if we told you there's a way to ensure that your employees never find themselves in such situations again? Meet: space availability by inspace. Using the inspace mobile app, your administrators and employees will be able to check the current availability of a workstation on the go. Filtering by time and date is also possible, meaning that the app provides comprehensive information about future bookings. Availability can be checked for desks, rooms, parking spaces, phone booths, or any other bookable space! Empower your employees with the ability to plan their workday without missing out on a good workstation.