Digital Documents & Signatures

Upgrade your visitor experience with inspace's visitor management system's digital documents and signatures feature, streamlining the process of obtaining necessary signatures and document storage for compliance and security.

Efficient Document Signing with DocuSign Integration

inspace's visitor management system integrates with DocuSign, allowing guests to sign digital documents such as NDAs, health safety questionnaires, and other required paperwork during check-in. This seamless integration eliminates the need for physical paperwork, streamlines the visitor experience, and ensures that all necessary documents are collected and stored securely.
Secure Storage of Vaccine Records and Other Documents

The digital documents and signatures feature also enables secure storage of essential records, such as vaccine certificates, within the visitor management system. This capability simplifies the process of verifying visitor compliance with your organization's health and safety requirements, contributing to a safe environment for all.

Enhanced Compliance and Security

inspace's digital documents and signatures feature simplifies the check-in process and ensures your organization remains compliant with security and safety regulations. By collecting and securely storing digital signatures and vital records, you can easily monitor and enforce visitor compliance, maintaining a secure and protected workplace.

Sustainable and Paperless Solution

In addition to improving efficiency and security, inspace's digital documents and signatures feature offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper-based processes. By transitioning to a paperless system, your organization demonstrates a commitment to sustainability while providing a seamless and modern visitor experience.

Embrace the future of visitor management with inspace's digital documents and signatures feature, prioritizing efficiency, security, compliance, and sustainability for an exceptional guest experience.
Visitor Management Administration & Security