Historical Reporting

With a big team, it can be tough to keep track of everything that takes place in your office. People go on leave, have days off, and so on: some workspaces inevitably end up underused for prolonged periods, making it hard to justify the maintenance costs. And what about the pandemic? Social distancing regulations presented a unique challenge for managers. Constantly monitoring policy compliance is highly labor-intensive.

Automated statistics are unrivaled in helping administrators and analysts manage desks, rooms, and other workspaces efficiently. inspace comes to the rescue: we are pioneering the market with a comprehensive analytical solution. Our live data feeds enable you to optimize your office space according to YOUR needs and circumstances. Track your space usage dynamically with at-a-glance dashboards and see which spots don’t get enough of your employees’ attention. Gain insights into the efficiency of your spaces and create informed strategies as the company grows. Monitor office occupancy — updated in real-time and logged forever. Look at heatmaps to see the most popular areas among your team. Conversely, if some spaces don’t get too much attention from your colleagues, perhaps they are simply not comfortable or well-equipped enough?

That’s the beauty of analytics: you receive first-class information without needing to survey your employees. Generate in-depth reports to pitch your data-driven cases for converting underutilized assets and cut your rental and operating costs by up to 50%. Check daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity, preferable desks per employee, and current occupancy. You will see on which days and at what time your office is most (or least!) busy. Easy-to-follow dashboards will clearly show the efficiency of office use. Make your employees enjoy their time in the office by improving spots that aren’t doing so well. The best thing is that you can print out the dashboards or export raw data as a spreadsheet and use it elsewhere — for example, in your own visualizations and calculations.
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