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Sectra Prioritizes Efficiency in the Office & with Energy Clients
Sectra aims to boost the effectiveness and quality of care within the medical IT field while delivering better efficiency and stability to the cybersecurity industry. Starting in 1978 in Sweden, Sectra has grown to provide efficiency solutions in the cybersecurity & medical IT industries in over 60 countries.

With more than 900 workers worldwide, they have created a company culture around sustainability and their valued customers. Sectra aims to boost effectiveness and quality of care within the medical IT field while strengthening the cybersecurity industry through better efficiency and stability.

Return to the Office with Modern & Aesthetic Adaptations

With a new office in Connecticut, Sectra wanted to find a way to welcome employees back to the office in the new year. To accommodate everyone, leadership wanted to transition into a flexible “hot desking” system to allow employees to book any open space rather than working with an assigned seating plan.

Sectra was also hoping to find a unique way to showcase available workspace areas at a glance for anyone just walking into the office. In short, they wanted to present a new modern approach to managing their workspace that made it easier for employees and guests to use.
Simple Reservations with Customized Solutions

The inspace team offered on-site set-up, configuration, and deployment of our premium desk management system to Sectra to hit all of their pain points. Each desk within the office is bookable by staff and leadership through a simple app. Finding team members can be done by quickly tapping their coworker’s name, making collaborations faster. Additionally, with inspace system reporting, Sectra can track traffic levels in the office and identify underused spaces. Using that information, Sectra can determine whether to shift areas around or even transition specific spaces for a different focus (collaboration space, unrestricted use, etc.).

A custom kiosk display was created for a large screen in the front lobby of Sectra’s new office to showcase open desks and assist visitors in navigating the office. Easy to use color-coding means that employees can identify unoccupied spaces at a glance.

Using current analytics through the inspace system gives accurate information on the various workplaces in the office. This insight allows Sectra to make informed decisions for space planning and use. With the right combination of software, white-glove service, and specialized features, Sectra now has the modern, easy-to-use office they wanted.

Collaborations and Planning for Employees Now Made Easy

In a continuously growing company like Sectra, being flexible and open to opportunities is vital. The support that inspace’s management system provides will allow Sectra employees to focus on what matters most: their customers and their services. Now, staff can easily book and manage their office desk space to increase collaborations and plan out their days more efficiently.
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