We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
For the Love of Spaces

Unlock the Future of Work with inspace: Elevating Your Hybrid Journey

Welcome to inspace, where we're rewriting the work narrative.
As pioneers in reshaping workspaces, we're creating a new script that connects teams, resources, and productivity seamlessly.
Our Vision

Redefining How the Workplace Works

At inspace, we're not just embracing change but architecting it. Our hybrid powerhouse platform offers smart solutions for snagging desks, claiming meeting nooks, reserving parking spots, and more. Fueled by data insights, we're building a world where efficiency and camaraderie drive the modern workspace.

Our Clients Love Us
Our Clients Love Us
Our mission is clear
Crafting a Tomorrow Where Work Knows No Bounds
  • Elevated Workspace Experience
    From booking desks and greeting visitors to orchestrating meeting room harmonies, our AI-powered platform redefines how your workplace is experienced, supercharging productivity in hybrid setups.
  • Informed Insights
    Data isn't just numbers; it's the guidebook to better decisions. We provide insights that fuel optimized space usage and an unrivaled work environment.
  • Seamless Space Management
    With inspace, navigating the ebb and flow of office resources is effortless, turbocharging productivity and space management.
Named Business Woman of the Year by Ernst & Young, Elena founded inspace to help companies manage and transform their workspaces into hybrid offices. Over a decade running an office furniture business with:

• 100+ employees
• 16+ years in the industry
• 8 patents
• 700+ projects completed worldwide
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