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T3/Savills Case Study

Optimizing Workspaces for Today

Reducing your office footprint to a fifth of its former 15,000 sq ft to about 3,400 sq ft is no easy task, but it is exactly what T3/Savills has done in Boston.

How do you achieve 77% space reduction?

With data and smart planning, and some strategic decision-making.

Kelly Creighton
Managing Director NA Workplace Practice Group, T3 Savills

Employers who embark on next steps with a “right-sizing” mindset that equally considers employee and organizational needs will set up their business for long-term success.
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Innovative Spaces For Today's Workforce
Reinventing the definition of a workplace with innovation and technology
  • 77%
    Less Square Footage
  • 10
    Shared Collaboration Spaces
  • 2
    Weeks to Implement
Adapting to a new way of working

T3 uses real estate and workplaces to unlock growth for the world’s most innovative companies. So it is no wonder that when it came to hybrid workplaces, they would take an innovative approach to adapt their own spaces.

Like a lot of companies, T3 was left with a lot of organizational questions post-2020. Sure they could work in a hybrid format, but what should that format look like? It was obvious that they did not need as much space as before, but what was the right amount of space? Employee experience is important to T3. If they reduced space and assigned desks, how would they manage it to ensure a continued great employee experience?

Their employees were looking to maintain some flexibility they enjoyed fully remote. T3 desired a balanced approach that benefited employees and the organization. The challenge was how to recognize needs accurately and how to manage a workplace that looked a lot different from the past.

Open space at the T3/Savills office

T3 Floor Plan: desks and commons spaces, bookable with custom permissions

T3's interactive floor plan allows users to see available and booked spaces quickly. Clicking into any booked space will show user information for that space. Clicking into available spaces allows the user to book and check in to that space.

Using current analytics through the inspace system gives accurate information on the various workplaces in the office. This insight means that if the space needs of employees or the organization change, T3 will have the data they need to adapt.

With the right combination of software, white-glove service, and specialized features, T3 now has a modern, easy-to-use office that balances the needs of employees and the organization while giving them the foundation they need to expand.
Are you ready to create your hybrid workplace?
We are reinventing the definition of a workplace with innovation and technology and creating an environment that engages all of the senses and makes people want to return.

Ken Mallon
Studio Director, T3 Savills

Simple Reservations with Customized Solutions

The inspace team worked with T3 to set up, configure and deploy the inspace platform in their new space. Each desk, meeting space, and phone booth are bookable by staff and leadership through a simple app.

Finding team members can be done by tapping a coworker's name, making collaborations faster. Additionally, with inspace workplace analytics, T3 can track office traffic levels and space usage.

Are you ready to create your hybrid workplace?
Let us show you how easy it can be.