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Venture Summit West 2022

inspace presented to investors at Venture Summit West 2022 in Silicon Valley to share the vision of how we can impact the future of work with technology.
inspace, a workspace management platform for hybrid teams, recently became one of 200 companies worldwide to present during the 10th annual Venture Summit West 2022 in Silicon Valley. The event connects founders of venture-backed, emerging, and early-stage companies to an exclusive audience of venture capitalists, corporate investors, private investors, investment bankers, and strategic partners.

We’re honored to be part of such a prestigious event and thrilled to share with potential investors how our long-lasting, maintenance-free devices and seamless booking technology can create a hybrid experience that works for both companies and employees,” says Elena Beloshapkova, CEO and Founder at inspace.
inspace is an all-in-one office management solution that helps companies transform their offices into hybrid workspaces through real-time floorplans and utilization reports to create a seamless employee experience. For inspace, the event was an opportunity to connect with investors and share the vision of how inspace can impact the future of work with technology.

“Our goal is to make hybrid work easier with technology that gives employees the freedom to work how they’re most productive and that empowers companies with the data to create a better work experience for their employees,” says Beloshapkova.
Venture Summit West, presented by youngStartup Ventures, is a premier industry gathering for promising companies in tech with thousands of attendees each year and more than 100 featured investors with over $250B under management. The event accepts presenters based on strict criteria, and the presentations are geared to gain visibility among active investors to raise capital.

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