We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Gobo Creative
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Gobo Creative Enhances Office Use and Employee Collaboration
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As a full-service creative agency in the Philippines, Gobo Creative serves clients all around the world. They provide thematic campaigns, design, brand building, digital marketing strategies, and more for their expansive list of clients. Most importantly, Gobo Creative strives to find solutions to the problems their clients face in order to help boost their sales, profits, and reach.

Stability & Flexibility: Finding the Right Hybrid Balance

Being an agency that works with clients in different time zones, employees of Gobo Creative often came and went from the office as they needed to, without any sort of set schedule. With that being said, leadership was struggling to figure out what spaces in the office were being well-used versus those that employees tended to avoid.

With 40 individual desk spaces and four meeting rooms, Gobo Creative wanted to find a booking solution that let them track when employees were coming and going, as well as where they were located while they were in the office for easier real-time communication. For those in leadership that tended to be in the office much more frequently than others, they also required a custom solution in a booking software that would allow them to reserve spaces for longer periods of time.

A Reliable Booking System Makes Work & Collaboration Easier

Although Gobo Creative employees work on a constantly changing basis, having a reliable office space can prove to be essential. Using the inspace booking platform, Gobo employees can now know at a glance when their team members are in the office, as well as where they can physically find them in order to ask questions, brainstorm, and collaborate. All desks and meeting rooms are now equipped with NFC inspace devices, making it easier than ever to work from the office.

Gobo Floor Plan:

Gobo's interactive floor plan allows users to easily see available and booked spaces.

Clicking into any booked space will show user information for the booking.

Clicking into available spaces allows the user to check in to that space.

Because inspace installed a custom solution for leadership at Gobo Creative, staff with certain permissions can now book rooms on the app that are unavailable to other employees.

On the thermomap, Gobo Creative can now find out which rooms and spaces are being utilized the most by employees by looking for areas shaded with warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) versus those used the least with cool colors (blue and green). With this knowledge, Gobo can make more informed hiring decisions, office layout changes, and more.

Giving Employees Better Support for Better Client Service

In the marketing world, being able to solve clients' problems quickly is a top priority. With the installation of inspace's desk and meeting room reservation system, Gobo Creative empowers its employees to collaborate with team members and tackle those issues head-on. No more waiting around for a Slack response on if a coworker is in the office - instead, employees can know with just a few taps on their phone which desk a team member is working at for real-time feedback on a client project.
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