We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Flex your Workspace:
What is flexible working,
and why it's a growing trend

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of fully vaccinated adults in the United States has reached 50%. As those numbers continue to rise, companies are starting to think about whether or not employees will be returning to the office and what precisely the return-to-office procedures will entail.

The term flexible working is becoming more widely used by companies globally. The term describes different types of work that don't fall under the traditional 9-5 working hours. There are multiple types of flexible work that are becoming more common by companies: job sharing, work from home, flexitime, annualized hours, part-time working, and activity-based working. These are all different ways that people can work outside of traditionally set hours. A flexible workplace is a term that falls under the umbrella of flexible work and refers to the structure of an office, a system that differs from the more traditional rows and cubicles. Flexible offices include different layouts such as; hot desks, collaborative coworking spaces, and open offices.
The layout of a flexible office

Flex office space looks different based on office layouts. The arrangement of the flexible space can be adapted based on the company's requirements. Even though each flexible office is uniquely created based on needs, some core aspects of a flexible workspace are seen in most flexible offices. These elements are most commonly used within flexible office spaces since they enable flexible office space trends such as activity-based workspaces, open office floor plans, and shared workspaces.

Open-plan layout

An open office plan is an opposite of what we might know of more traditional office layouts such as rows of cubicles. This plan consists of flexible workspaces throughout the office that allow employees to easily interact and communicate with one another from different areas other than assigned seats.

Breakout rooms

Having smaller meeting rooms within the office where teams can meet and collaborate is a concept that helps promote collaboration and productivity within a flexible office.

Adaptable workstations

While implementing an open-plan layout, it's essential to have different types of workstations throughout the office, and versatile workstations can include standing desks, couches, coffee areas, meeting rooms.

Shared community amenities

Instead of people having to store things in their cubicle, having a flexible office means that amenities such as printers, office supplies, snacks, and coffee is available to all at any time.

Quiet areas

Flexible offices succeed at drawing out the noise of a typical office and enable people to work in quiet spaces to help them concentrate and be more productive. Quiet areas can also be essential as virtual meetings have become the new norm. A growing necessity within offices has been the implementation of private booths where people can take calls.
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66% of employees lack space to be creative
and feel inspired in the office.
The importance of having flex space

According to a study that included 7,000 employees conducted by leading real estate mogul JLL, 66% said they lacked space to be creative and feel inspired, and 60% said they were not fully engaged at work.

By implementing a flexible workspace, companies are encouraging autonomy and freedom amongst employees and breaking the barriers of productivity, which are associated with more traditional offices. Without being confined to a cubicle for 8 hours a day, the structure and setup of flexible spaces allow employees to book workspaces that would best suit their needs based on the type of project they are working on or the environment in which they are working feel most happy and productive.

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