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inspace Visitor Self-Serve Kiosk

Visitor Self-Serve Kiosk

Transform your visitor check-in experience with the inspace visitor management system's self-serve kiosk, offering a convenient and efficient solution for managing guest access, especially for larger events in your office space.

Efficient and Convenient Self-Check-in

The inspace self-serve kiosk revolutionizes the visitor check-in process by allowing guests to independently complete their registration, saving visitors and reception staff time. The user-friendly kiosk interface ensures a seamless and straightforward check-in experience, eliminating any unnecessary hassle or wait time.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

In addition to convenience, the inspace self-serve kiosk enhances security and compliance by capturing essential visitor information, such as name, contact details, photo identification, and purpose of visit. This data collection ensures proper visitor management and adherence to security protocols, maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.

Customizable Interface and Branding

The inspace self-serve kiosk is hardware agnostic - use any computer, tablet, screen, or panel. You can customize the kiosk screens to align with your organization's branding and create a cohesive visitor experience. By incorporating your logo, colors, and messaging, the kiosk becomes an extension of your company's identity, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and showcasing your commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Seamless Integration with Visitor Management System

The inspace self-serve kiosk flawlessly integrates with the visitor management system and the inspace workplace platform, streamlining the entire check-in process. From capturing visitor photos and printing badges to granting Wi-Fi access and providing real-time visitor visibility, the kiosk works in tandem with inspace's system to ensure a smooth and efficient visitor experience.

Embrace the power of inspace's self-serve kiosk and elevate your visitor management process, prioritizing convenience, security, and a personalized guest experience.