We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
inspace Visitor Self-Serve Kiosk

Modernize Visitor Check-In
with a Self-Serve Kiosk

Feature Overview

Elevate your visitor management to new heights with inspace's self-serve kiosk feature, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline guest access and enhance the check-in experience for events and daily visits alike. This feature not only offers a convenient and efficient check-in process for guests but also significantly reduces the workload on reception staff, making it an ideal choice for managing large events or daily traffic in your office space.

How Self-Serve Kiosk Works

The inspace self-serve kiosk transforms the visitor check-in experience by empowering guests to independently complete their registration through a user-friendly interface. This self-check-in solution is designed to be intuitive, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for visitors. By allowing guests to take charge of their check-in, inspace's kiosk minimizes wait times and streamlines the entire arrival process. Additionally, the kiosk enhances security and compliance by securely capturing essential visitor information, such as names, contact details, photo IDs, and visit purposes, ensuring a safe environment for everyone on the premises.

Key Benefits of Self-Serve Kiosk

The adoption of inspace's self-serve kiosk offers multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency and Convenience: Speed up the check-in process, allowing guests to register independently and quickly.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Capture vital visitor information to uphold security protocols and ensure compliance. Contactless deliveries and package notification.
  • Customizable Branding: Tailor the kiosk’s interface to reflect your organization's branding, enhancing the visitor experience with a personalized touch.
  • Seamless Integration: The kiosk integrates flawlessly with inspace's visitor management system, providing a cohesive and efficient visitor management solution.

Features and Capabilities

inspace's self-serve kiosk stands out with its robust features and capabilities:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensure a straightforward and pleasant check-in experience for all visitors.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Utilize any compatible computer, tablet, screen, or panel as your kiosk station.
  • Customizable Screens: Align the kiosk’s appearance with your company’s branding, including logos, colors, and messaging.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Work seamlessly with the inspace visitor management system for photo capturing, badge printing, Wi-Fi access, and real-time visitor tracking.

Why Choose inspace for Self-Serve Kiosk?

Choosing inspace for your self-serve kiosk needs means prioritizing efficiency, security, and a personalized guest experience. Our solution is designed to meet the modern demands of visitor management, offering a seamless integration with your existing inspace setup and providing an innovative and welcoming first point of contact for your visitors.

FAQs about Self-Serve Kiosk

Can the kiosk interface be customized to fit my brand?
Absolutely, inspace allows full customization of the kiosk interface to align with your brand’s identity.

Is the kiosk compatible with any hardware?
Yes, the inspace self-serve kiosk is hardware agnostic, meaning it can be set up on a wide range of devices.
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