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Visitor Access in inspace app

Visitor Access

Welcome to inspace, where visitor access is seamlessly integrated with your existing security system, creating a unified experience that ensures reliable security measures. Collaborating with leading security systems like Openpath, Proxy, S2, and Swiftlane, inspace allows organizations to enhance visitor protection and streamline their security processes.

Simplified Visitor Management with inspace Integration

By integrating inspace with your access control system, you can simplify visitor management and establish a more efficient and secure environment for your guests. This integration offers numerous benefits, such as real-time visibility of visitors within your premises, effortless management of visitor access, and improved security through features like automatic door locking and unlocking.

Enhanced Security Through inspace and Leading Security Systems Collaboration

inspace's integration with top security systems offers additional protection for your organization's data and assets. This integration facilitates effortless tracking and monitoring of visitor activity, allowing organizations to identify and address potential security threats swiftly. By harnessing the power of inspace's security integration, organizations can create a more secure and efficient environment for visitors and employees.
Effortless Self-Check-in Process