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Historical Reporting inspace

Historical Reporting

The inspace historical reporting feature provides unparalleled insights into workspace efficiency and occupancy. With real-time updates and heatmaps, leaders can make informed decisions about office utilization without surveying employees.

Automated statistics and reporting allow for easy tracking of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity, including the number of desks per employee and current occupancy levels. By identifying underutilized spaces, companies can cut rental and operating costs while improving efficiency.

The inspace reporting system also offers customizable dashboards, providing clear and easy-to-follow visualizations of workspace usage. Reports can be exported as raw data in popular formats like CSV, XLSX, and XML, allowing for integration with other reporting tools.

With inspace's automated reporting and historical data, companies can create informed growth and workspace optimization strategies. By analyzing occupancy trends and identifying popular areas, leaders can make data-driven decisions to support their organization's evolving needs.

Overall, the inspace historical reporting feature offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for workspace analytics, providing real-time insights and customizable reporting to improve workplace efficiency and productivity.
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