We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
inspace Digital Documents & Signatures

Enhance Visitor Management
with Digital Documents & Signatures

Feature Overview

In an era where efficiency, security, and sustainability are paramount, inspace's Digital Documents & Signatures feature offers a cutting-edge solution for visitor management. This feature streamlines the collection of necessary signatures and documents, integrating seamlessly with DocuSign to facilitate a smooth, paperless check-in process. It ensures compliance and security by digitally storing essential records, such as vaccine certificates, and simplifies document management while offering an eco-friendly alternative to paper-based systems.

How Digital Documents & Signatures Works

inspace's visitor management system integrates with DocuSign, allowing guests to sign digital documents such as NDAs, health safety questionnaires, and other required paperwork during check-in. The feature ensures that all documentation is collected efficiently and stored securely within the system, providing easy access to verified visitor compliance records. This integration not only enhances the visitor experience by eliminating paperwork but also supports your organization's health and safety protocols by securely storing vital records.
Efficient Document Signing with DocuSign Integration

Key Benefits of Digital Documents & Signatures

Adopting inspace's Digital Documents & Signatures feature brings numerous advantages:

  • Streamlined Check-In Process: Simplify document signing during check-in, enhancing the visitor experience.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Security: Ensure compliance with safety regulations by securely collecting and storing digital documents and signatures.
  • Sustainable, Paperless Operations: Demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing reliance on paper.
  • Efficient Document Management: Easily access and manage stored documents, improving operational efficiency and security.

Features and Capabilities

The Digital Documents & Signatures feature includes:

  • Seamless DocuSign Integration: Facilitate digital signing of documents during the visitor check-in process.
  • Secure Document Storage: Safely store essential records, including vaccine certificates, within the system.
  • Compliance Verification: Simplify the verification of visitor compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Offer a sustainable alternative to paper-based systems, reducing your organization's environmental footprint.

Why Choose inspace for Digital Documents & Signatures?

inspace's solution is designed for organizations seeking to modernize their visitor management processes with a focus on efficiency, security, and sustainability. The Digital Documents & Signatures feature not only simplifies the check-in process but also ensures that all procedures are in compliance with current regulations, all while supporting environmental sustainability through paperless operations.

FAQs about Digital Documents & Signatures

How does the DocuSign integration work?
inspace integrates directly with DocuSign, allowing visitors to sign documents electronically, with all data securely stored within the visitor management system.

Can the system store other types of documents, like vaccine records?
Yes, the system is designed to securely store a variety of essential documents, including health records, to verify compliance with organizational policies.
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