We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share some incredible news about our inspace AI-Driven Workplace Platform!

Case Study

Cleverley & Associates Empowers Employees
with Flexible Booking and Gains Insightful Data
Innovative Spaces For Today's Workforce
Reinventing the definition of a workplace with innovation and technology
  • 82%
    Adoption Rate
  • 2.5:1
    Employees to Desks Ratio
  • 1
    Weeks to Implement
Cleverley & Associates is a professional organization providing financial consulting services for the healthcare sector. They help hospitals collect and analyze data to make the best decisions for their facilities while staying within federal regulations. Cleverley works to find profitable solutions for hospitals struggling with monitoring and managing costs from micro to macro analysis. They are self-professed data nerds, using data to provide outcomes for their clients.

Accommodating Working Styles and Growth

In an office full of mixed working styles, Cleverley management struggled to figure out how to cater to each. While some employees were coming into the office more frequently and needed an assigned desk, others came in less often and were more willing to share desk spaces.

Needing to be flexible for possible future growth meant that they couldn’t provide a solution that would just fit the problems they had now – they needed a solution to help identify and accommodate future needs.

Cleverley needed a desk management system catering to a mix of employees and desk spaces while being able to flex for expected future growth.

Easy Booking and Insightful Data

Cleverley needed a flexible desk management system with good user adoption to identify changing needs. While it was important that their system be easy for employees to use, they also wanted accurate data to help them make informed decisions about their spaces.

They chose inspace based on our unique ability to deliver in these areas. inspace devices were placed on each desk and within meeting rooms allowing employees to book and reserve spaces. Since the devices use NFC technology, desk and rooms are protected from no-shows. Existing API integrations with calendar and productivity applications ensure accurate and timely communications. Using the inspace app, employees know whether coworkers are in the office or working remotely, making it easier to find time to collaborate.

For a business that wants to keep all options open for the future, Cleverley knew that inspace would be the best software choice. Not only is Cleverley’s desk management system customized specifically for them, but it’s able to easily expand and change as Cleverley grows.

Cleverley's Floor Plan:

Cleverley's interactive floor plan allows users to easily see available and booked spaces. Clicking into any booked space will show user information for the booking. Clicking into available spaces allows the user to check in to that space.
Better Employee Experience, Data-Informed Decisions

Cleverley’s new approach to space management is well received by their staff. From easy tap-and-go check-ins to informative maps and data, the team can work in whatever way is best for them.

inspace’s comprehensive dashboards provide detailed insights into how the space is being used in both real-time and aggregate views. No matter what path Cleverley takes in the future, inspace’s office management software and app will support it.

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