Workplace Productivity

Enhance the workplace experience, promote flexible working and keep your employees engaged.

The way the inspace app keeps your employees engaged and productive, is by giving them the ability to choose which space (desk, meeting room, lounge area, booth) they’d like to work from. Our technology promotes flexible working by giving your employees control.
Elevate productivity, by giving your workforce choices!

These days, the new normal of work is flexible, meaning that employees are now more then ever given choices as to how and where they want to work. Having the power of choice can be instrumental for productivity and engagement in the workplace.
How inspace encourages productivity?

Giving employees flexible working options
To retain the most productive employees, it’s important that they are working in an environment that is most suitable for them. Where they feel most comfortable getting their job done. Whether that be a desk, meeting room or lounge area. The inspace app easily let’s people connect with the proper space. Flexible workers can even plan ahead, by booking their favorite desk before coming into work. We’re setting your employees up for success.

Connecting teams more easily
Coordinating meetings is now perhaps more challenging than ever. Maybe half of your employees are in-office, and the other half is working from home. Employees can easily coordinate with coworkers to find the best meeting room within the office to meet. Updating employees in real-time where their coworkers are located and which room the meeting will be held in helps eliminate the guesswork of trying to find a productive space for the group.

Improving the office environment
Converting the office into a flexible workspace promotes creativity and engagement. Employees are no longer stuck in a four-walled cubicle. With inspace, workers are now surrounded by innovative spaces around the office that will push them even more to be productive.

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