Transform your office into a hybrid workspace where the physical office experience is purposeful and delightful
Transform your office into a hybrid workspace where the physical office experience is purposeful and delightful
Welcome to inspace Visitor Management - a modern, efficient, and secure way to manage your office visitors. Our software platform is designed to streamline the check-in process, provide clear instructions and communication, and ensure the safety and security of everyone in your workplace.

Our platform is fully customizable to meet your organization's and industry's needs. There is no need to purchase special panels or screens, inspace is designed to work with what you have. Whether you're managing contractors, job candidates, event attendees, or personal visits, inspace Visitor Management can handle it all.

Your Office App
An Unforgettable Visitor Experience
We work hard every day to make the life of our clients better and easier. Our features aren't just a list, they deliver real benefits to user experience and help your workplace to work better.
  • Self Check-In
    Visitors prefer self-check-in - no waiting, no hassle! Complete with photo capture, badge printing, and wifi assignment.
  • Customizable Branding
    Make a lasting first impression on visitors and showcase your brand with a personalized visitor management system!
  • Visitor Data
    Digital records make it easy to keep track of all visitors, comply with data privacy regulations, and help to personalize future visitor experiences.
  • Multi-Location Management
    Multi-location management helps organizations with multiple offices to manage visitors effectively across all locations.
  • Pre-Registration
    Pre-registration saves visitors' time, helps businesses to screen visitors for safety and security purposes, and allows hosts to collect any needed preferences prior to the visit.
  • Host Notifications
    Host notifications ensure that the appropriate employees are alerted as soon as visitors arrive, improving communication and creating a better visitor experience for everyone.
First Impressions Matter

Create an inviting, personalized office experience that engages and delights visitors, leaving a positive impact that lasts long after they leave.

  • Seamless experience from the invitation to arrival and departure.
  • Feature and integration rich, and intuitively simple to use.
  • Your brand impression throughout.
Adapting to Each Guest
Creating personalized experiences for everyone who visits your space streamlining operations and leaving lasting impressions.
  • Visiting Staff
    Remote staff or team members from other locations should feel instantly at home in all your spaces. Personalized preferences from their profiles and automatic recognition on an integrated system mean they never miss a beat.
  • Guests
    Clients, partners, suppliers, and family members deserve a special and warm welcome to your space. Treat them like the VIPs they are.
  • Deliveries
    From routine packages to special deliveries, delivery personnel can quickly and easily drop a package and let them system announce it is ready for the intended party.
  • Job Candidates
    From scheduling to preparing for their visit and checking in, job candidates should get a sense of what it will be like to work in your space and be a member of your community.
  • Contractors
    From time to time professionals will need access to your space. Give auditors, temporary staff members, and facilities teams the access and information they need to work effectively in your space.
Connect to the
Tools You Love
Connect inspace with our ready-to-use integrations for whatever you need, or use our custom API for everything else.
Kelly Creighton
Managing Director NA Workplace Practice Group, T3 Savills
Employers who embark on next steps with a “right-sizing” mindset, that equally considers employee and organizational needs, will set up their business for long-term success. Kelly Creighton Managing Director, NA Workplace Practice Group, T3 Savills
Ramses Alcaide
CEO, Neurable
It was important for us to keep doing our research all the while keeping our employees safe. inspace has a social distancing tool that made it very easy for us. The analytics has been fantastic and their technical support is always quick to respond. Ramses Alcaide CEO, Neurable
Justin Fleming
Deputy Chief Information Officer, NCSSM
inspace has been very responsive to all of our questions and requests and has been a closer partner in working with NCSSM-Morganton as we build out our spaces and make them reservable by the community. Justin Fleming Deputy Chief Information Officer, NCSSM


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