The inspace app allows users to personalize their profiles with the ability to add and edit first and last names, photo, department, phone number, and job title. With the ability to enable or disable the visibility of their profile on the office map, employees can express themselves in ways that corporate systems often don't allow. Such a profile will encourage colleagues to interact more with each other through the many easy-to-use features, such as birthday alerts, days off management, holidays, and accomplishments. This way, team members can congratulate each other or communicate more effectively about the work schedule or joint projects. User profiles also allow for greater convenience among co-workers as they can easily access each other's contact information without having to ask around.

Each one of your employees has their personal inspace profile, where they can keep all of their information that may be relevant to others. What information is needed and how it's shown can be customized according to the employee's needs and your vision. Moreover, employee profiles will enhance your overall employer brand. Your people are the primary advocates for your business and can promote your brand far beyond the office walls. We value the community aspect of modern offices and believe that social features like user profiles bring employees closer together in this exciting era of hybrid work!

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