Webinar: inspace Release January 2024

Beyond Basics: inspace's Newest Features | On-Demand Webinar

Welcome to the on-demand version of our exciting product release webinar where we reveal the upgraded features of the inspace workplace platform – tailored just for you. Missed the live session? Don’t worry! This recording offers a comprehensive walkthrough of the platform's new capabilities.

Discover the Innovations:

🎨 Customizable Colors & Badges: Personalized floor plan colors and badges.
📅 Advanced Booking Controls: New options for efficient planning.
🔗 Social Connection Integration: Discover our feature for social connections.
📶 Wi-Fi Check-In: Simplify your check-in process with Wi-Fi connectivity.
🕒 Custom Work Schedule: Tailor your work hours to fit your unique routine.
🔄 Ability to Change Status: Easily update your current status.
And much more!

Tune in now to step up your workplace experience with the latest inspace advancements! Get a personalized demo.