Sharing some important news...

We are glad to share some news with you:

1. This year, in order to scale and expand our operations, we are seeking a seed investment ($1M for 10% equity) with a primary goal of enhancing marketing, strengthening the sales team and funding client acquisition. We will close the round in a couple of months, if you are interested, email us at

2. We are hiring! Currently, 9 positions are open - Account Manager, Sales Associate, Marketing Associate, CTO, CMO, all Boston based (51 Melcher Street). We are also looking for representatives in New York and San Francisco. If you would like to join our team, contact us at!

3. We are expanding our partnership network of architectural agencies, real estate consultants and developers. Feel free to send us an email to get an exclusive offer!

4. We will publish tips and tricks on organizing an effective workspace and articles on modern offices every day on our blog. If you would like to become a contributor, feel free to email us!

We are grateful to have worked with amazing people over this year – Evgenii Sidorin, Oleg Chutko, Gulsina Shagalieva, Annie Ren, Nash Gadre, Susie Riley, Garry McBerryhill, and many others! Go #teaminspace!