Return to the Office

inspace is helping organizations navigate the new normal of working by providing an easy-to-use app and return-to-office tools that ensure the safety and care of employees. We help you navigate your return to office strategies.

With the inspace app, you can control which employees have access to certain desks and rooms and when these employees were in these areas. Employees coming into the office will navigate which spaces have already been used and which are open.

Implementing a strategic returning to the office strategy can be challenging, let inspace help you transform your office into a flexible workplace by providing:
Social distancing:
View a map of your entire office floor plan, allowing you to set up socially-distance workspaces and plan for your optimal capacity.

Employee Screenings: Conduct health screenings as people arrive in the office to help keep everyone safe.

Interactive maps:
Employees can find and book workspaces using a real-time interactive office map using their desktop or mobile app.

Targeted Analysis and Interpretation: Get an overall picture of how space in the office is being used. A “thermomap” indicates which spaces were used throughout the day and which areas do people most prefer to work in.

Contact tracing Tools:
Know who used which spaces/facilities when. Be able to contact individuals if needed for contact tracing purposes. Allowing employees to work “how they want.”

A hybrid model allows employees to choose how and where they work. By providing interactive maps, inspace is empowering employees to navigate the office space and know in advance which spaces they would like to book for specific time frames.

Reporting tools on office usage
Understand how office space is being utilized with a “thermomap” and strategize on how to use spaces more effectively to save up to 50% on rent.

Get your employees back to the office safely with inspace!

Optimize your space today!