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The New Normal: A guide to returning to the office post COVID-19
No matter what position or strategy leaders decide to take when it comes to reopening offices, whether it be implementing a hybrid workplace model or attempting to bring all employees back to the office, navigating how to get people back in the office is one of the hardest business disputes of our time.
Transitioning to SaaS: How inspace pivoted to become a fully SaaS model in 2021
The new normal, a term we've been hearing a lot more frequently in the last few months as lockdown restrictions start to ease and businesses start opening their doors again. The new normal for places of work means that offices will implement strategies to transition into more flexible/hybrid offices. We decided to become even more accessible by adding Basic, Pro plans, and Enterprise monthly plans, based on your office's needs, and switch completely to a SaaS business model.
The New Hybrid Workplace Model: Definition, Positives and Negatives
Over the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies all around the world were disrupted and suddenly had to pivot, focussing their efforts on shifting fully virtual. This meant that to keep things running somewhat smoothly in such a disruptive year, remote working would become the new norm for most.
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