makes workplaces

work better

We help startups to Fortune 500 companies
and everyone in between


makes workplaces

work better

We help startups to Fortune 500 companies
and everyone in between
With inspace's scheduling software for hybrid offices you can save up to 50% on rent & increase collaboration up to 65%
inspace - workplace management platform for hybrid offices
Make any desk, meeting room, lounge area, or a parking spot bookable for your employees.
Get access to a detailed analysis of your office space usage.
Our Advantages
Below are some of the benefits that set inspace apart from competitors

scale faster

With our desk reservation system, we can make 10 or 1000 devices in a day & ship them to you in a flat package (no heavy boxes or huge crates to contend with!). You can be up & running in 1-7 days verses 60-90 days with some of our competitors

save on rent

We have one of the best desk management software with workplace analytics that have proven results of saving up to 50% on rent and we can show you how to save too! Check out our case study with Alfa Leasing to learn more about how our office desk booking software can help you

more cost-effective

Not only are inspace's price plans for our meeting room and desk booking system more economical than the competition, our product can be applied by a staff member. That means no construction, no permits, no IT professional installation crews

make ANY space bookable

With our booking system you won't be limited to just desk or meeting room booking like with other platforms. Your whole office can be fully bookable, which opens up areas like parking spots, lockers, lounges, private offices, and acoustic booths to being schedulable

increase collaboration

inspace is one of the best desk booking software out there with a demonstrated ability to increase collaboration among employees up to 65%. To learn more about how our desk booking solutions have helped other companies, click on our case study with Aurora Group


inspace's unique technology doesn't require batteries or wires so there is virtually no maintenance. Plus, you get a life-time warranty. If your device gets damaged we'll replace it for free. Or you can simply use our desk booking app to fill your meeting room booking needs

inspace is the first employee-centric UX for finding and booking office workstations
This makes it the first platform to precisely understand office utilization
What our customers are saying about our mobile app
Ramses Alcaide
CEO in Neurable
It was important for us to keep doing our research all the while keeping our employees safe. inspace has a social distancing tool that made it very easy for us. The analytics has been fantastic and their technical support is always quick to respond.
Vasily Miropolsky
CBDO in Aurora Group
What I like about inspace is the ability to organize the work of project teams, connect employees, see the number of employees at the office in real-time, and use analytics to evaluate the efficiency of using the workspace.
Artem Kosolapov
We are delighted with inspace and its flexible and prompt approach to pricing and solving customer issues. They were able to quickly add features that we needed. We plan to purchase inspace for 10 more office locations.
Cell phone with inspace app showcasing floor map and the employee search function
Create an effective hybrid space
with inspace
Your coworkers can book any space that matches their style of work - a high adjustable desk or a comfy lounge chair, a private office or an informal meeting area. With inspace's office desk management software every space in your office can become bookable.
Discover how inspace is the best desk booking system for saving you up to 50% on rent. Book a demo to learn more