How inspace saved a client 50% on office rent

Let’s call this client, C.

Prior to COVID19, C. had plans underway to open two offices in two different locations. The leases were signed and architectural designs in place, then boom, a Global Pandemic puts the entire world’s plans on hold, including C'. Like many, the company’s management team had to pivot and make tough decisions in a short amount of time. After laying off 17% of their staff, C. decided to cancel one of the two leases and instead combine both offices in one new building; a potentially internal nightmare for any company.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, C. reached out to us at inspace. After expressing their desires to cultivate a stress-free transition, our team stepped in to provide tools and resources that aided C. in navigating the unforeseen changes while also facilitating a collaborative work environment amongst departments.

As a result, C. not only will be able to save $340,000 this year on office rent, but to retain more team members during these trying times.